Thursday, January 31, 2013


As I have written here in Life with Lynnie (LwL), my nurse visits daily, to clean and redress my still-leaking wound.  Yesterday, was not different.

After she did what she was called to do, I did what I needed to do. 

Trying to dress appropriately for our unusally warm 12C/54F weather, more like a winter heatwave than anything else, was a bit of a concern.  Once ready, I got in my van and did a couple of errands, before heading to the hospital for my CT scan.

Of course, I had to bring my bottle number two (2) of Readi-Cat, as I had been directed to do. 

This potion is a requirement, before the hospital injects the dye used during the CT scan process.  The first 450ml bottle, I drank the evening before my test, before climbing under my covers to snooze the night away. 

Arriving at the hospital, I waited and eventually registered with the Admitting Department, who sent me with paperwork in hand to report at the Imaging Department.  It was here, in the waiting room, where I had to drink two thirds (2/3) of the second bottle of Readi-Cat.

They utilize a system much like some restaurants do.  Each patient is given a disc to carry with them.  In my case, I had been told that when the disc lights up, shakes and makes noise, I was to go down the hall to waiting room 'B'.  Which is what I did.

Once in waiting room 'B', I was directed by nursing staff to sit in a special chair and drink the last one third (1/3) bottle of the supposedly multi-berry smoothie and be set up with a needle inserted into my arm.

Yes, the flavour name is Berry Smoothy.  If I don't laugh at the name, I'll cry.  lol  To me, it should be named... Yuch!  lol

In all honesty, it really wasn't that bad.  At least I didn't retch.  Seriously, I have had to drink worse for various tests, over the years.  Even so, it wasn't pleasurable.

The nurse, who inserted the needle junction, had me move to another seat in the waiting room.  Within a few minutes, my name came up and I was led into the CT scan room.

Once I was in position upon the moving bed, a line was hooked up to my arm.  And, dye injected into me, through this system. 

The test itself didn't take very long.  Only a few minutes.  Afterwards, I thanked those who participated.

Before I left the room, I was told that my surgeon/doctor would have the results within three to four (3-4) days.  Hmmm... since the weekend is coming up, I can only presume it will probably be Monday, before he receives the report.

Time will tell.  Until then, I'll just have to wait.  Patiently.

James 1:19-20, "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:  For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God."

Even though I wish healing had taken place long before now, I realize I have to be patient.  And, not become angry.  With medical people, with God... and even with myself. 

It's definitely not a righteous thing to do.  To become upset and even angry, I mean.

Especially for a believer, trusting in the Lord, for everything.  After all, our righteousness in and of ourselves is as filthy rags.  The righteousness that means anything, is what we receive from Him... and through Him.

So, I'll continue to wait upon Him.  For He is the author and finisher of everything.  Including my life.

Until next time...

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