Monday, January 28, 2013

Prayer Heard...

As I've been writing on Life with Lynnie (LwL), my usual daily routine involves staying in.

Since being ill and having trouble recovering, I've done my best to not go out, too often.  After all, with a reduced immune system, having no flu shot, and not being able to take vitamins due to being on antibiotics, I am at high risk to pick up viruses.

Of course, our weather today, made me glad to be indoors.  I'm grateful I didn't have to go anywhere, today. 

Last evening, I was shocked to see it was snowing.  Hmmm... maybe some of you think I live in a snow-covered country, but since my city, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has a similar status to Northern California, that is a misnomer.

Now, if you drove to London, Ontario, about a two to two and a half (2 - 2 1/2) hour drive from here, that might be a different story.  It seems they are in a nowbelt area, where my city, is not.

I must admit that a few times each winter, we receive snow.  However, much of our winter, we have green grass.  Even if the temperatures reflect cold weather.

Not only did it snow last evening, but we also had freezing rain through the night.  Apparently, the roads were a mess, this morning.

When I awoke, I fully expected to have to go out into the poor weather, this morning.

You see, a friend of mine, a fellow realtor had a doctor's appointment, today.  She's the same person I gave a ride to the other day, to our education seminar, because her car had broken down.

Last evening, she called me and explained that she thought her vehicle had been repaired, but there was still a problem.  And, she asked me if I would drive her to her doctor's appointment, today.  I agreed to do so, in an effort to be a loving friend.

Upon awaking this morning, I prayed once again, that God would make a way for me to not have to go out, today. 

I truly didn't feel the best myself, and didn't really want to have to fight the slick and slippery roads today, if I didn't have to.  And, I didn't really want to place myself in a situation where I was with someone who had become sick.  Yet, I didn't want to let my friend down.

Last evening, I had prayed about this situation, knowing the weather wasn't going to be good, today.  And, I left it with Him, thinking about it no more, until after awaking today.

To my surprise, my phone rang first thing this morning.  Apparently, my friend's boyfriend decided he was able to give her a ride to her medical appointment.

You can imagine how happy I was, for me.  Yes, I felt badly for my friend who wasn't feeling well, but knowing I would put myself at risk being around someone sick, I hadn't looked forward to making the effort.  In addition, I think it was very kind of her boyfriend to decide to drive her, instead.  It showed that he cares for her.

Truly, it was good that I hadn't worried about it.  God handled the situation.  Blessing me in the process.

A Bible verse came to mind.  Psalm 55:1-2, "Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication.  Attend unto me, and hear me: I mourn in my complaint, and make a noise;"

God heard my prayer, and knew my need. He knew my friend's need.  He also knew that my heart's desire was to not let my friend down, but rather to assist her in her need.  All the while praying that He would provide a way for me to not become ill.

He worked it out, as a blessing to both me and my friend.  How grateful I am, Lord.  Thank you!

Until next time...

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