Monday, January 14, 2013

Love... From the Bottom of my Heart...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about how all good things come from God.

Today, was a very special day for me.  Both in good and not so good ways.

One thing I appreciated was a telephone conversation with my friend, A. I felt grateful that my sister-in-the-Lord and I prayed, together.

How thankful I am to her, and for her. I also feel the same about others who have been supportive of me. Spiritually. Prayerfully. And, in human ways.

Like another sister-in-the-Lord N, who brought me a meal today, just a couple of hours ago.

This was something totally unexpected. Even though it was a surprise, I was truly thankful to this woman of God. Thank you, N. May God bless you, my friend.

Since I am not able to lift much of anything, it isn't easy for me to provide for myself.  Even now.

After all, it's not just a matter of cooking a pork chop, or cooking a piece of chicken.  That would be fairly simple, in and of itself.

And, it's not just because I am not supposed to bend over and lift out pots and pans that I shouldn't be using.  If all these things were at hand, it would be somewhat easier, but they aren't always.

Even shopping.

The last few times I've purchased anything, it's had to be light items.  Things that are light enough to not cause me any pain.

Potatoes?  Forget it!  Can't buy them.  Why?  Because even if I get them lifted for me into my cart, out of my cart, and into my van, how do I get them into my apartment?

I just used that as an example.  The truth is, just about everything is like this. 

I haven't had milk in my home for months.  Not just because I don't drink it, for I do use it for cooking.  But, mainly because I cannot lift it or carry it.

Sigh...  Now you probably have a better idea of why I was so grateful that my friend M and her husband R brought me some fresh fruit and veggies, a while back. 

Life hasn't been easy.  Especially being a widow, living alone. 

And, I realize that people are probably growing weary of assisting me.  But, I am truly grateful for everything people have done to help me.

And, I know it comes from God.

He told us in James 1:17, "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."

It's our Lord, who has encouraged those in the shadows of everyday life, to come forward and show me Christian love.  Whether it be by praying for me, providing a meal, assisting me physically, or otherwise. 

What a blessing you have been to me! 

Please know that I love you, and thank each of you, from the bottom of my heart.  And, pray that God will bless you, richly.

Until next time...

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