Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading Life with Lynnie (LwL). 

And, I would like to thank everyone who has contacted me, with regards to issues and situations I've written about.  Whether positive, or negative, I appreciate hearing from you.  May God bless you.

When I began writing LwL, it wasn't meant to be the sort of blog it's turned out to be.  Originally, I thought I'd be travelling more, and writing about good times of my life.

LwL has turned into something I never thought it would be, even though I knew I would be writing about my daily life.  And, issues that affect it.

It seems to me that God's plans were not my plans.

In the beginning, I wasn't aware of this.  But, it became obvious once my life took a turn that I never expected, with health and other problems.

Even so, I am grateful that God has used me and my writing in a way that I never expected. 

Some people contacted me, prior to me writing about my trials in life and health concerns.  Most were supportive, while I believe, only two (2) people weren't.

Since my writing has been focused more on my health problems, people have contacted me on a more regular basis, letting me know they were praying for me.  For this, I am grateful.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

It was surprising to me, that they were grateful for the encouragement they received by reading LwL.  I must admit, I was shocked to find this out.

After giving it some thought, I realized that I am not alone.  Yes, God is with me.  But, that is not what I am referring to.

Many people, like me, are suffering with life's trials on a daily basis. 

In and of itself, this is not surprising.  After all, God told us to expect to have trials in His life, if we belong to Him.  If we are His children.

God also provided for us, His children, by encouraging us, with His Word.  The Bible.

He told us in Romans 12:12, "Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;".

How wonderful it is that He loved us enough to provide us with not just a plan of redemption, fulfilled by our Lord, Jesus Christ.  And, how wonderful it is that He provided His Word, for us.  So that we can receive hope and encouragement.

I am blessed.  And so are you, if you belong to Him.  Hopefully, alone and together, we will continue to trust in God.  In Jesus Christ, our Lord, for everything in our lives.

If you are not yet saved, it is not difficult to become a born-again Christian.  Just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved (Acts 16:31).

Until next time...

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