Thursday, December 6, 2012


If you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL) recently, you'll know that I've had trouble with my incision healing.

And, you'll be aware that I drove last Saturday, even though the doctor/surgeon had asked me to not do so, until my incision is fully healed.

Earlier this week, my daughter B picked me up and together, we did some shopping.  Thank you, B!  I am truly thankful for her doing this. 

After all, it is the Christmas season.  And, she has her hands full, as do most people at this time of year.

Even so, there are things I feel I need to do, both for myself and for work. 

How can I rely on her to do it all?  I can't.  Especially since she has five (5) children!  And, she hasn't been well, herself.

By the way, I thank you for praying for B.  She is regaining some use of her right arm, but still has much pain, and cannot fully use it.  May God bless you for continued prayer...

As you have probably read in the past, my doctor/surgeon doesn't really want me to drive.  Not until my incision is healed.  In the condition it has been in, it would prove to be highly dangerous for me, in the event I hit the steering wheel, for any reason.

So, I haven't been driving.  But, with so many things needing to be done, I have been feeling the urge to just go ahead and do what I've been asked to not do.  Drive.

Today, when my nurse D was here to clean and redress my incision (she calls it a wound), she reiterated what she said to me the other day.

D told me that it's almost healed, now.  Talk about an answer to prayer!

Albeit, it's not 100% healed.  However, she explained that the crevasse-like situation has now reached the point where there's not enough of an opening to pack.

In her opinion, there's nothing much she can do for me.  She feels the rest is up to my body, now.

I wasn't sure to praise God or not, when she didn't redress the incision, fully. 

I was instructed to just place a bandage against the area, to protect the wound from any direct contact with the binder I have to wear.  No plastic covering, anymore.  It will now be uncovered when I shower.  And, she feels it will be best to let it have contact with the air, now.

This might sound great, but the fact is, I am nervous about it.

For the first time, since doing so when I was elevated in the hospital bed many weeks ago, I was actually able to see the incision.  Yes, it looks like a wound!

It was clearly evident what she was referring to, when I actually got to see the incision, myself.   But, there is one area that still looks like a hole in my skin, that appears to be deep. 

In any case, D let me know that if it still looks okay on Saturday, she will discharge me.


At first, I was happy to hear this.  After some thought and after seeing the wound, I'm a little nervous.  Oh well, I suppose I just need to trust God for this!  After all, I trust Him in all other things and He doesn't let me down.

Hmmm... just like what it says in Psalm 9:9-10, "The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.  And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee."

I praise God for always being there for me!  He is my refuge and my strength. 

Thank You, Jesus!  You have never forsaken me.  You've always been there, for me.

Just as our Lord is, for you.  He's there for you.  Just call upon His name.  And, trust in Him.

Until next time...

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