Thursday, November 15, 2012

Worth It?!

This entry was originally written and posted in Life with Lynnie (LwL) on, rather than here on, due to the problems I had posting any entry, here. Now that blogger has this site working properly again, I thought I would copy and repost here, to save you from having to back and forth between sites.

Worth It?!

As I wrote in yesterday’s Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I sort of overdid things, last Saturday.

It was worth it. But, I sure paid the price, later.

In addition to having to take more pain medication, I found it difficult to sit up. So, I rested in bed for a while. And, reclined in my livingroom chair.

Sunday came and went.

Being Remembrance Day, it was an important day for me. I enjoyed watching the ceremony in Ottawa (Canada’s capital city), on television (tv).

By Monday, I felt like I was on the mend. My pain level was once again, reduced. I praised God!

Late in the afternoon, my daughter B called me.

Previously, I had told her how I felt badly that I hadn’t been out to the cemetary. Not because I hadn’t visited my now deceased husband, Gordon’s grave, due to not being able to drive, yet.

Usually, after our Canadian Thanksgiving, I go and place a wreath at his grave. And, I place a floral arrangement on the grave of his parents. These remain at their grave sites until spring.

Knowing I hadn’t done this, I had mentioned that once we have a heavy frost, it would be too late for me to place them, since the ground would be too hard.

So, B had called me to say she was picking me up. The plan was to take me to the cemetary, so I could do what I needed to do.

I was happy, yet worried about overdoing things, again.

After getting ready, I unpacked the displays from the storage unit on my balcony. This meant doing some bending and lifting that I really shouldn’t do.

Once my grandson J arrived to help me, we loaded B’s van and off we went. By the time we arrived at the grave sites, it was dark.

Of course, cemetaries are not lit, so when I say it was dark, I really mean it!

J and I made our way to the graves. B stayed in the van with her two (2) year old daughter, A; my granddaughter.

We used B’s cell phone to give us light, because I had forgotten to bring a flashlight. This made things a little complicated. But, we managed.

Not without more bending, and having to use some strength to install the arrangements. Well, I’m sure you probably realize, that afterwards, I was hurting, again.

But, it was worth it, to me.

This brought to mind Romans 8:18, “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”

Since then, my pain levels have been up and down. Sort of like being on a roller-coaster.

But, I am grateful to God, for helping me do what my heart felt needed to be done. Now, I will continue to rest and take it easy. Pray. And, read my Bible.

Until next time…

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