Friday, November 9, 2012

H.B. B! & Right?

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H.B. B! & Right?

Before I begin today’s Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I’d like to wish my daughter B, a very Happy Birthday!

Due to my health issues, I didn’t bake a birthday cake for B. As I promised my other family members, whose birthdays are mostly during the fall months, I will bake and celebrate, once I am able to do so.

I’ve been writing about USA politics, lately. So, I thought I should address our own political situation, here in my province of Ontario.

Like other countries, we in Canada have various levels of government. Federal, for all of Canada, and provincial for each province.

In mid October, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty resigned. Here’s a link to an article in The Globe and Mail: In it, you’ll read that he claimed it was time for ‘renewal‘.

In one way, I am happy he stepped down. However, I do not like how he did it.

McGuinty could have waited until another election was in the offing. Instead, he virtually just said he’s gone. And, left… shutting down our province.

How many Americans would like to have no one running their state?

In my opinion, what he did confirms that he didn’t truly care about Ontario, or its citizens. Us.

Some have said he did a great job, while in power. Some feel our province has done well, with his leadership. I beg to differ.

My city, Windsor, has battled economic hardships for several years now. What did his government do to improve this? Not much.

Windsor held the position of having the highest unemployment rate in all of Canada, for quite a while. Until a few weeks ago, when it dropped to 2nd place. Here’s a link to read about it:

In my opinion, McGuinty stepped down to protect his own image.

For the last few months, fellow Realtors that I know in the Toronto area (the capital city of Ontario), have told me that the real estate market there had been slowing down.

In my opinion, I believe McGuinty realized that the province is on the verge of a severe economic downturn; so, to save his reputation, he vacated his position, before any collapse happened.

In response to friend’s comments, I sarcastically replied that I welcomed them to the club.

It’s pretty sad when housing priced unbelievably low, don’t sell well. Recently, I had a house listed at $54,900, for a 4 bedroom, renovated home, with garage, newer kitchen and bath, newer floorings, and a neutral decor. It didn’t sell.

lol In many cities, property like this would have been snapped up in a heartbeat. But, our economy here has been bad, due to plant closures, for far too long.

And, McGuinty did nothing about it.

For me, the worst part isn’t that he stepped down. His lack of care, concern or leadership for our province was obvious.

When he stepped down, our government shut down.

No parliament is operating. No one is running our province!

Is this love? For people? For our province?

God told us in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

Are our members of provincial parliament (MPP) eating? Of course!

They are not working, for our provincial parliament is shut. Yet, they are all being paid!

Forgive me, but I do not feel this is right.

After all, people like me, work and work, and work. Sometimes, at great expense to ourselves. And, the result isn’t always positive. If no sale happens, we do not get paid.

Yet, Ontario’s MPP’s are getting paid, for doing nothing. Some won’t even return calls! Here’s a link to a letter to the editor of the Windsor Star:

Hmmm, maybe I took the wrong career path. I could’ve been getting paid, for doing nothing. And, even retired early with substantial retirement benefits.

Oh, well. God’s will is always done. I’m praying, for our government, at all levels. Hopefully, you are, too.

Until next time…

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