Wednesday, November 28, 2012


As I've mentioned previously in Life with Lynnie (LwL), I was scheduled to have an ultrasound test done at the hospital, yesterday.

My daughter B picked me up.  Enroute, we had several stops to make.  Even so, it didn't take long for us to reach the hospital.

B dropped me off and went home to do what she needed to do.  After all, there was no point in her waiting for me, when she, herself has a full agenda.

Arriving at the hospital earlier than planned, I registered at the admitting department, as had been requested.  Then, I headed over to check in at the X-Ray department.  They gave me unit to carry with me, that would flash when they were ready to do my test.

The woman at the desk let me know that even though I was early, the ultrasound technician was running late.  Sigh...  I was glad B hadn't waited with me!

Sitting in the waiting area, I thought about the last time I was there.  It was with my now deceased husband and a couple of friends, who joined us while Gordon waited for his test.  Yup, it was quite a while ago.

Trying to not choke up, I decided to take my mind off the past, and not be anxious. 

So, I called my friend C to see how he was.  When I had spoken with him last week, he hadn't felt well. 

To my surprise, he reminded me that this was the week where he was having treatment at the hospital, to encourage healing of the nerves in his back and legs.  lol  He was upstairs! 

When he was finished his treatment, he wheeled himself into the area where I was seated.  He bought himself coffee and both of us a sweet treat.  Thank you, C!

He asked me about what I had been up to.  I told him about my friends M & D coming to visit me and how we celebrated on the eve before my birthday.

The shocked look on his face was indescribable.  He asked when my birthday was.  I told him, last Saturday, the 24th.

C began apologizing for not wishing me Happy Birthday, or taking me out for a meal, the way we usually do for each other, to celebrate our birthdays.  I told him not to worry about it; I wasn't worried! 

He asked me why I hadn't reminded him.  I told him there was no need to do that, especially since he hadn't been feeling well.  He said he hadn't even gone on Facebook (FB), so he was totally unaware that it had slipped his mind.

Once again, I told him to not worry about it.  It was fine.  Truly, it was just another day.  It seemed he was rather anxious, though; feeling badly that he missed my birthday.

This reminded me of Matthew 6:27, "Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?"

Like God told us, worrying or being anxious does nothing for us.  It won't help us in any way.

In the end, C insisted that once he's feeling improved after finishing these treatments, we need to go and celebrate over lunch or dinner.  I suggested we wait and see how things go.  After all, when one is not feeling up to snuff, it's hard to make definite plans.

I thank God that His plans are definite.  Even if we don't always know the details, at least we know that He has our best interests at heart.

Until next time...

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