Saturday, October 20, 2012


This entry was originally written and posted in Life with Lynnie (LwL) on, rather than here on, due to the problems I had posting any entry, here. Now that blogger has this site working properly again, I thought I would copy and repost here, to save you from having to back and forth between sites.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, it was a busy day for me. What I didn’t really write about was how weary I truly became.

While I mentioned going to the surgeon’s office to have my partially-opened and infected incision checked by him, I didn’t say much about the errands we did, except to say we did them.

On the way to the surgeon’s appointment, we had to stop at my office. Thankfully, S (who drove me) did what I needed done, there. After the medical appointment, I had a special request of S.

Since we were already located on Tecumseh Rd. E., at Howard Ave., I asked if he could drive along Tecumseh, instead of heading up to Riverside Dr. He agreed.

I mentioned to him that I had been growing weary of eggs, soup and a few frozen meals from my freezer that I had made before getting ill, and from friends who brought me meals, that I divided into portions. Please understand, I am grateful I had these, but I was really craving something I hadn’t eaten in at least a couple of months. Fish & chips!

Eventually, we approached Pat’n Hanks and I went in to pick up an order of fish & chips for me. S didn’t want any.

Then, on we went so I could do banking. Out of the van I went, into the bank and did what I needed to do.

On we went to my drugstore, where I dropped off my prescriptions and picked up a couple items and the Activia yogurt my surgeon requested I eat, daily. Hopefully, it won’t interfere with the antibiotics I am taking, that say to not eat dairy while taking them!

Of course, realizing I needed a couple more things, S drove me to another store, near where I live. I truly thank God for his help!

S has been so kind, to not only drive me, but shop with me and carry items for me. Not just to the car, but also up and into my apartment. Always, before he leaves, he picks up my recyclables and takes them with him.

What more could I ask of him? Of anyone? May God bless you, S…

You’re probably aware that I am not used to doing all this walking. It literally wore me out. That reminded me of a Bible verse that most people recognize.

Matthew 11:28 tells us, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

I am so-o very grateful for my Lord, Jesus! He does give me rest. He replenishes my soul. And, I cannot imagine how anyone can get through this life without Him!

If you are not yet trusting in Jesus Christ for your salvation, there is no time like the present. Please, trust in Him, today.

Until next time…

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