Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stitches & Healing...

Wow!  I'm absolutely shocked!  I was finally able to access Life with Lynnie's (LwL) new post screen!  I will backdate the time, because I wanted to post this yesterday, on October 9th.

In the morning, I had to go to the hospital, once again.  The rest of my stitches needed to be removed.

I must take this time to say that the last time I was in this hospital on October 9th, was the day when Gordon was in the intensive care unit (ICU), and the hospital told me they would remove him from life support that day.

I'm not sure what is worse.  That last day he was alive, or the day when he died, shortly after midnight, making it the 10th when he actually died.  Truly, thinking of his last day on earth, is probably the worst.  Three (3) years ago, today.

In any case, I will tell you about what happened at the hospital, when I went to have the rest of my stitches removed.  You may recall that last week, I went to have all my stitches removed, but only about half (1/2) were ready, so this is why I had to return to have the rest of them removed.

Once again, I laid on a bed and the nurse removed the dressing.  Her gigantic sigh, immediately told me there was something not quite right.

You may recall that last week, the nurse commented to me that the incision looked rather different.  She remarked that it looked like the surgeon had sewn inside me, my original bellybutton.  And, had created a new one, lower.

Well, last week, that area looked bloody.  But, this time, it looked like puss.

Be still my heart.

Against my will, I found myself getting upset.  Immediately, my mind rushed back to a time, where after a previous surgery, I had gotten an infection, and my incision burst open.  Making me heal from the inside out, and leading me to a major surgery, at a later date.

All I could think of was having to go through something like this, once again.

My nurse L, was very kind.  And consoling.  She told me that it could be infection, or possibly dead skin.  She wondered if I needed antibiotics.

L called for the surgeon to join us.  Or, for direction.  After more than a half (1/2) hour laying open to the air, she redressed my incision and gave me an appointment for this coming Thursday, to return to the hospital, to have my incision rechecked.

Then, I was instructed to call the surgeon's office, to try and get an immediate appointment, rather than wait until my appointment, next week.  L truly thought I needed to see him and possibly have some antibiotics.

This I did.  I called.  And, called, called...called.  Eventually, I reached the surgeon's office.

After explaining, I was told that the only day the surgeon was seeing patients this week, is Friday.  Apparently, he was overbooked, and I could not see him.  Even if it was a possible emergency.

Once I took a deep breath, in a more calm state, I realized that I should not be concerned about my healing.  After all, God is in control.  My healing will come through Him... and Him, alone.

Look at what Jesus did, in Matthew 9:35, "And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people."

I thought about this, and replaced my trust in my Lord.

Thank you, for reading, and for continued prayer for me, and for my daughter, who also needs healing.  May God bless you, friend.

Until next time...

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