Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Arm? Water?

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that after surgery, I was moved directly to a regular hospital room and not into the intensive care unit (ICU).

One thing you may not be aware of with me, is the fact that I have allergies to some medications.  This explains why I received morphine, for pain.

At first, a machine was set up with the morphine drip, so that I would be able to press the button, whenever I required a dosage to help with my pain.

Of course, as like what happened in previous surgeries, the morphine would knock me out.  Then, when I awoke, I was in pain.  Yes, on several occasions, a nurse would speak with me and tell me to push the button.  After all, no one else was supposed to do this, so it was totally up to me. 

Once I received more morphine, the situation would revolve, again.  Knocked out; awakened in pain, and pressed the button.

However, on the evening of my surgery, the nursing staff made sure I was awake, and wanted me to do something different.  They wanted to have me get up and out of bed, and walk.

Be still my heart.

It wasn't easy, but my nursing staff assisted me in doing this.  We walked out the door of the room and up the hall, towards the nursing station, before returning me to my room.

The next day, the daytime staff wanted me to do the same thing.

This time, things were a little different, though.  A nurse, along with several nursing students, entered my room and approached me at my bedside.

Like the evening before, I thought they would assist me in getting out of bed.  But, this didn't happen.

Instead, the nurse told me I'd have to get myself up into a seated position, and out of bed, by myself, without assistance.

When I said I didn't think I could do this, I was told I'd have to.  I requested that someone hold out their arm/hand, so I could have some leverage.  The response was shocking.

The nurse told me that there was no way anyone would do that, because it would put them at risk for injury.  She then insisted that they were there for me, and pointed to a notice that was posted on the door to the washroom, letting people know that they (hospital staff) are there for us.  Patients, I mean.

If you think I was able to get up on my own, less than a day after surgery, you'd be wrong.

I looked at the nurse and asked what she was doing in the room with me.  And, I commented that if indeed she and the student nurses were truly there for me, they would provide some assistance.

Then, my voice stated what my mind was thinking.  A cup of water given in His name...

One of the student nurses was obviously Christian. 

Why do I think this?  She ignored what the nurse had stated, stepped forward and offered her hand to me, so I could reach out and use her arm/hand for leverage, in my effort to sit up, to be able to get out of bed.

Yes, I thanked her aloud.  Silently, I praised God and thanked Jesus!

Of course, the Bible verse that was related to the comment I made, was from the gospels of both Matthew and Mark.  Mark 9:41 says, "For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."

Even now, I am thankful that God provided for me that day.  I am thankful that He provided a student nurse, who obviously knew His word, as well.

More importantly, I am grateful that He placed it on my heart many years ago, to read His Word and memorize Bible verses.

Again, I thank you for prayer, not just for me, but also for my daughter B, who is hurting bigtime, after being injured a few days ago, in an ATV accident.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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