Wednesday, August 15, 2012


After writing in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry about being shocked, I have to wonder if you were as shocked as I was?

However, life can be like this.  Shocking, I mean.

Still, it surprised me that C would make a comment to me, like the one he did.  Especially, thinking that the only reason I worked out in the pool was to help me lose weight.

If I don't laugh, I'll cry!  :) or :(  Whichever!

The truth is, I have worked out in the pool for many, many years.  Yes, Gordon was alive, when I first began working out doing pool exercise.

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I have been partially-disabled and limited in my physical capabilities, for many a year.

In the beginning, when I realized that I could get a little bit of exercise in the water, I was thrilled.  After all, I had suffered with injury and an extremely slow and limited recovery, after the collision I was involved in, years ago that was made worse by the complication of a subsequent back injury I suffered.

However, the truth is, even in the water, for many years I could only do a few minutes of pool excercise.  And, even with that, I suffered afterwards, with physical pain.

Of course, we didn't always have a pool for me to exercise in, either. 

Still, whenever we travelled anywhere, we tried to stay where we would have access to a pool.  Whenever I was in the water, you can be sure, I did whatever exercise I could.
Even when we moved into the apartment complex, where I currently live, I found it difficult to do any exercise, even in the pool.

After all, a few years prior to moving here, I had fallen on snow-covered ice, on the parking lot where I was employed (no; I didn't file any lawsuit!).  Yup; another injury to my knee! 

After a year of waiting to see a specialist, I was told that I needed a knee replacement.

Nope.  I wasn't doing that!  This is a story for another time.  But, it is enough to say that after seeing that a surgeon set one of my mom's legs wrong when she had knee replacement surgery and never walked properly again, I wasn't doing this!

Still, I went to the pool.  Yes, it hurt me BIG TIME!  For even when I first began using the pool here, I could hardly paddle my feet, due to the limitation and pain from my knee.

How grateful I am to God that He provided me treatment through my chiropractor, who has helped provide insight and encouragement even with my knee problem!  Without this, I'd still be wondering if I would ever be able to make it through any exercise, at all!

Yes, I praise God and thank Jesus! 

And, I thank God for His Word!  He told us in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Without Jesus, I can do nothing.  And, am virtually, nothing.

So, with the stamina and diligence that God has provided for me, I have worked hard to do what I need to do, just to regain a measure of normal life.

Well, there is still more I need to say, so I'll continue writing about my conversation with C, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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