Friday, August 17, 2012

Prayer Needed!

Finally!  I'm coming to the end of writing about my conversation with my friend C, last Friday!  If you haven't read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you may want to do so, to have a greater understanding of the whole conversation.

As I've written about, I've worked out in the pool, exercising to regain strength and mobility, for a long time, now.  Since long before my husband Gordon, died.

I am grateful that God has helped me become strong enough to function better on my own.  Especially since, I am now a widow.  For now, there's no one to help me, like Gordon did.

But, there is another couple of reasons I am glad I work out in the pool.

Firstly, I am glad that God has shown me that pool exercise is better for me, by lowering my sugar level.  This form of exercise has helped me far more than any other, in this sense. 

Being so limited in what I can do in the way of regular exercise, I have found that nothing helps to bring down my sugar levels better than working out in the water.  Praise God for this!

Having Diabetes, this is of utmost importance! And, of course, the more weight I lose, the better it will be for me; I may not even require regular monitoring, if I can once again, be of a normal weight.

There is another reason why I would like to lose weight, if I can.

One thing I haven't mentioned is that in the mid 1990's, I had hernia surgery to repair a hernia I had behind the bellybutton.  I had put up with it, for many years, in fact since the early 1980's.  However, when I needed to have abdominal surgery, the surgeon decided he should also repair my hernia.

I believe I obtained this by lifting heavy boxes of books and other items, when I worked for Canada Post many years ago.  At the time, I not only had to load and unload items shipped by plane, but I also had to do lifting on a regular basis, even though I was considered a truck driver.  No; I never filed a Worker's Compensation claim for this.  Maybe I should have, but I didn't.

As I said, my hernia surgery was accompanied by major abdominal surgery.  Again, I praise God that Gordon was there to help me through this!

While discussing the fact that my hernia once again needs repairing, a friend of mine who was previously a nurse who has a similar problem, told me that she heard that it was found out much later that some of the mesh used during hernia repair surgery in that era, was defective.  Great!  This might explain why I need surgery, again.

Yes, I've been putting it off, not really wanting to have surgery, once again.  However, I realize this cannot last forever.  There will come a time, when I will have to have this repair done.  This time, I am not going to have surgery done, here in Windsor. 

Instead, I would prefer to go to the place I've heard are the best in the medical business of repairing hernia problems.  Shouldice Hospital is where I want to go.  Here's a LINK to read more about it.

Anyone/everyone I've ever known who has gone there to have hernia surgery, has been happy with the results.  But, anyone/everyone I've ever met who has gone there to request surgery has been told the same thing.  They were requested to lose all the excess weight they had been living with, before any surgery would take place.

Hence, the need for me to lose the rest of the weight I've been carrying around for far too long!

If you believe in prayer, I would appreciate if you would pray for me.  I appreciate prayer, more than you know!  Thank you.  May God bless you...

Yes, I believe prayer works.  Why?  Jesus told us in John 14:14, "If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it."  Jesus loves us; the Bible tells us so.  He would not lie to us.  We must believe and trust in Him.  And, I do!

So you see, as I told my friend C, there are more reasons for me to need to lose weight, than just for attracting another spouse.  As you've been able to read for yourself, this is probably the least of my worries!

Again, thank you for praying.  May God bless you!

Until next time...

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