Thursday, August 9, 2012

Plans & Memories...

This past Monday was a special day.  A holiday.  Here in Ontario we call it, Civic Holiday.  Here's a link where you can read about it:

Anyone who knows me well, or has read Life with Lynnie (LwL) for any length of time, knows that I am a Realtor; I sell real estate.  And, I have a good Christian friend who is a Mortgage Agent, M.

Actually, Mary Ann Lehmann would probably be happy if I advertised her name, and since she is a mortgage agent with Invis, they would probably be happy, also!  If anyone needs a great mortgage agent, you can e-mail Mary Ann at:

From time to time, Mary Ann and I get together.  Of course, for working situations.  However, once in a while we spend some time together, as friends.  And, we've even attended worship services, together.

A few weeks ago, Mary Ann let me know that I was to meet her, her husband R, and some of her family members out in Wheatley.  This is where her husband's family's cottage is located. 

Wheatley is a small community, east of Leamington.  Both are on the shores of Lake Erie.

For those who aren't aware, many communities here in Essex County are having celebrations and reenactments relating to the War of 1812, because it is the 200th anniversary.  Here is a website where you can read more about it:

M had been told there would be a water reenactment on Lake Erie, that would be representative of USA, the British and native Indians.  So, she planned an afternoon gathering and BBQ dinner for all who would attend.

It took me about an hour and a quarter to drive out to Wheatley.  I arrived in late morning, making sure I would be in time for noon, when the reenactment was to take place.

It was a lovely day.  Clear, dry, sunny and warm.  Not so hot or humid that you wouldn't want to be outdoors for long.  Not so cool, that you needed to be covered up.  The temperature was just right.  And the light breeze off the lake made me feel like I didn't want to ever see this day end.

It was lovely.

Not just the weather, but the time we spent together with her family members.  And, of course, the meal we shared.  We were so full from our dinner, that we never even ate the dessert I brought with me.  Yummmmmmy!  Thank you, Mary Ann! 

Here are a few photos of the view from the water's edge of the cottage:

Looking east.  Yes, that's a boat in the distance!

The boat with a British Union Jack flag is coming closer, heading west.

Mary Ann watching the boat heading west towards Point Pelee & Leamington.

I should mention that we expected to see tall ships and some kind of an encounter.  However, the only boat we saw was this one in the pics.

We all had a chuckle when we realized the boat was a canoe. 

This canoe was rather different.  It was equipped with a motor.  lol :)  Yes, we laughed thinking how 200 years ago, people in canoes might have enjoyed having a motor, instead of having to paddle, always.

Oh well, that's life!  No matter what plans we make, we are never guaranteed they will come to fruition.  The only person who truly knows if plans will happen, is God.

This brought to mind Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

No matter what we think about or hope for in life, we never know for sure if our desires are part of God's plan for us.  Even so, we know that He loves us, His children.  And, He only wants what is best for us.

So, reenactment or no reenactment, it was a wonderful day for me.  Spent with wonderful people.  And finished off with wonderful food.  What a blessing!

Good memories, to be sure.  Again, thank you, Mary Ann & R!

Until next time...

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