Sunday, August 19, 2012


It's SONday, my Lord's day!  If you are a reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll be aware that I usually worship at my own church and from time to time, visit at churches where my friends worship.

Today, I didn't worship at my own church.  Instead, I worshipped at Riverside Baptist Church (RBC), here in the Riverside area of Windsor.  The same area I live in!

Many times in the past, a friend of mine has invited me to worship there, where she normally worships.  Well, today, I thought I'd surprise her by showing up for their worship service.

To my surprise, it turned out my friend didn't attend church, today.  Oops...  Oh well, that just goes to show I should have spoken with her, before attempting to surprise her.

My attendance was a surprise to someone else, though.

The first woman I saw after entering the building, was the mother of someone from my own church, who has hurt me very badly over the past few months.  Yes, she knows who I am, because we have met, in the past.  From the look on her face, she was definitely shocked to see me.  In fact, she looked almost fearful.

Truly, there was nothing for her to feel fearful about.  I have no problem with her.  So, I smiled and greeted her saying, "Good morning!".

Many years ago, when my own church was under reconstruction, my now deceased husband, Gordon and I worshipped at RBC once or twice.  Since then, I have not worshipped there, on my own.

People seemed friendly.  Several people greeted me, welcoming me to their church.

One woman thought she had met me previously; I agreed.  It's too bad we couldn't recall where we had met!  lol  I must admit, being a Realtor, and an author, I have come to meet many people!

And, the music was wonderful.  Of course it had to be, because the woman leading the music is a Christian woman I know, from when she used to worship at my own church!

The pastor was away on short-term sabbatical leave.  So, today, like other Sunday's in the past, and for the next few weeks to come, a guest speaker preached God's Word.

The guest preacher did a wonderful job, in my opinion.  Of course, anyone who loves and trusts in our Lord, should be able to do just as he did.

This reminds me of a verse that I have underlined in my Bible.  Psalm 34:8, "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."

Even though I had hoped to surprise my friend who didn't show up to worship today, this wasn't really the most important thing.  As this verse tells us, the important thing is to trust in the Lord, and see that He is good. 

And, I do!

Trust in the Lord, I mean.  Absolutely!  I realize that He is in control of all things, both the good stuff that happens in life, as well as the not-so-good stuff.  Yes, I feel blessed.

Friend, if you are reading this LwL entry and have not yet placed your trust in Jesus Christ, please do so, today.  His love never fails.  Not me, not you, not anyone.

Until next time...

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