Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Man?!

If you haven't yet read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you may want to do so.  This way, you'll have a better idea of what transpired during my visit on Friday evening, with my friend, C.

As I mentioned yesterday, after we enjoyed a tasty shrimp dinner together, we did something different.  We played Euchre

Yes, it was a rather disappointing time for me, since C was the overall winner.  Still, it was a rather fun thing to do, considering we had never, ever played any kind of game, together.

During our time playing this card game, we chatted.  Just the usual topics of things like, work, family, etc.  But then, C mentioned that he had been feeling rather sad, lately.

He was missing our friend M, who had died from cancer, earlier this year.

Together, we talked about M, reminiscing about good times and not such good times.  Over many years, the three (3) of us had been part of a group of people who became good friends.  Yes, we all were Realtors.

Whenever we attended real estate meetings and other events, we always sat together.  In addtion, we three (3) had other friends that we were connected with, but even on a personal level, we seemed inseparable in many ways.

We enjoyed lunch together, both out at restaurants and at our homes.  Sometimes, even with M's daughter and her family.  On some occasions, we would cross the border together, and feast on Mexican food at a couple of our favourite restaurants, in Detroit.

Now, M's gone.  C's retired, due to is physical disabilities after having a stroke.  So, I'm the only one still working as a Realtor out of our 3 Musketeer group.

We talked about his treatments that he is receiving.  I praise God that these treatments are available to C.  These, in addition to his therapy has been helping him regain control over his right side that was paralyzed.

Then, out of nowhere, C asked me if I was still losing weight.

Be still my heart!  I let him know that I hadn't lost much weight recently, but I seem to be continuing to lose inches.

Some of my clothing is now very loose on me.  Other outfits that were tight, are fitting better and some are actually very loose-fitting.

After my reply, I mentioned that just as he does therapy to help him become stronger, I still do my pool exercise, almost daily.

Then, C made a remark that totally shocked me.  He commented that he thought I was only trying to lose weight so I could attract another man to enter my life.

Talk about being shocked!  Before replying I took a deep breath.

Then, I responded that I understand that some people might think the same way he did.  But, this is not truly the case, for me. 

Yes, I realize I've passed through enough grief, after my husband Gordon's death, that I am now open to the idea of remarrying.  And, if it is God's will to bring another man into my life, I would accept it.  But, I am not desperate. 

Certainly, if it is God's will for me to fall in love and be loved by another man, it will happen.

And, it wouldn't matter if I was tall, short, fat, thin, young or old.  If God wills it, it will happen.  If He doesn't provide for me, it won't.  After all, nothing is impossible for God!

Talk about being reminded of Matthew 19:26, "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."!

After discussing this with C, I also commented that I work out in the pool for even more important reasons.  However, writing about them, will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until next time...

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