Friday, July 6, 2012

Relief! Relaxation!

This past Saturday, I met with an out of town client.  Oops... sorry; I don't usually write about my work.  I'll just say it was very hot outside!  And, I'm grateful to Tim Horton's for allowing people like me to meet with others, especially at times like this!

Afterwards, I had to make a stop at Cameron's (Christian) bookstore. 

When I walked into the store, a clerk asked if she could help me.  I asked her for assistance, because I knew I needed help from someone who could personalize a gift I knew I wanted to purchase. 

Before I could be directed to the person I needed to see, I heard a voice from across the store, calling my name.  lol  I had to laugh, for my sister-in-the-Lord, J is not shy in the least!  "Lynnie!  Lynnie!  Is that you, Lynnie?!", was all I could hear.

As I made my way to obtain the assistance I required, I replied aloud that yes, indeed it was me!  Within a few seconds we met up!  J and I, along with her mom.

J moved back to the Toronto area before my husband died and since then, we've not had much contact.  She was visiting Windsor, for the weekend!

We had a short conversation.  J told me she is writing books, now.  I told her about my book Love Never Fails You...  and showed it to her, as it is on the shelf in the store.  Wow!  We truly have much in common!

Since I was picking up a gift and was headed to my friend W & J's 40th wedding anniversary open house gathering, I knew our chatting had to be for a good time and not a long time. 

After the gift I purchased was personalized, off I went to W & J's home.  There was already a mini-mob celebrating.  I joined the crowd.

Later, W showed the DVD that she had shown me and some other ladies, on the previous Wednesday, when she had us over for lunch.  And, since their familyroom was crowded with not another seat to be had, I stayed in their cool livingroom, relaxing.  For a while, I chatted with someone who joined me, but once they left, I just relaxed.

And, relaxed I was!

How relaxed was I?  I was so-o-o relaxed that I actually drifted off and had a nap!  :)

Relief!  Relief from the heat!  Relief from workday stress.  Relief enough to make me nod off!  At least until people began making their way back towards the kitchen for dessert.

Yes, it was a good time!  I'm grateful that God provided for my every need.  From reacquainting me with a lost friend, to heat relief and social relaxation.  Thank You, Lord!

I'm grateful for Psalm 38:9, "Lord, all my desire is before thee; and my groaning is not hid from thee."  Yes, He knows my every desire.  He knows every sigh I make and every need I have.  For this, I am eternally thankful.  He knows yours, also!

Oh, yes... I forgot to mention that following Sunday service the next day, I went to visit my friend J and her mom, who had come from Toronto, with her.  We had a lovely visit!  Thank You, J and mom, M!  May God bless you, always!

Until next time...

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