Thursday, July 26, 2012

H.B. B! & Dream...

Before I write anything else here in today's entry of Life with Lynnie (LwL), I must wish my brother B, a very Happy Birthday!

Since we live a distance from each other, we do not get together, often.  Still, that doesn't mean I don't think of him and pray for him.

Now, I'm going to say something to you my brother, that a friend says to me almost every year on my birthday.  Please know she is only about four (4) weeks younger than me.  She says, "I'm so-o glad I'll never be as old as you!"  :) lol!

Now I'm saying it to you along with birthday wishes!  Happy Birthday, B!!!  May God bless you on this, your special day, and throughout the coming year!

Last night's sleep, was an unusual one for me.  While most nights I toss and turn and sometimes wake up, something out of the ordinary happened to me. 

In the past, I had a similar experience during the night's sleep when a relative died in the middle of the night and I dreamt about them; to be honest, so did my daughter B, that night.  I pray this isn't the case in this dream.

You see, I not only had a dream that I remembered after waking up before the ending of it, but it involved a childhood friend and his family. 

No, his mom didn't die in my dream, thankfully.  But, it was truly unusual. 

No, I won't give details, but I will say that in my dream early this morning, my friend and I met, along with other people, including his mom.  We had a nice visit together.

The strange thing was that in the beginning of the dream meeting, I wasn't sure if his mom recalled knowing me when I was young, or remembered my family.  Later, I found out the truth.

Near the end of my dream, his mom wanted to speak with me privately.

Our conversation began with her letting me know she remembered me and my family.  She then continued to speak to me regarding a rather personal and private matter.

This rather intimate conversation brought about her telling me something that I will never forget.  Something that I never knew.  Then, and only after her remarks to me, did I admit something to her, too.

Wow!  Every time I think about this, it blows my mind! 

Not just because of the intimate conversation I participated in, but also because when I awoke, I recalled that other past experience, where I later found out that the person had died in real life.  I pray this wasn't the case, here.

If it was, then I give you my deepest condolences, friend.  After all, your mom was such a lovely lady; one that I always looked up to.

Friend, I pray your mom is still alive and well.  May God bless her, always.

Philippians 1:3, totally applies here.  "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,"

Yes, we have an awesome God, who supplies all our need, and teaches us to be thankful in all things, in all circumstances and in all issues of life. 

Rest assured friend, that I thank my God... upon every remembrance of you!

Until next time...

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