Thursday, July 5, 2012


With all the holidays lately, I've sort of gotten Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, a little behind and out of order.  Hopefully, you'll forgive me.

Last Friday, I met with my ex-coworker/friend C for a while.  Since it had been over a week since we shared dinner together, I brought fish 'n chips with me, once again.

The last few times I joined C at his apartment, I deliberately didn't bring dessert. 

After all, it's about the last thing I need.  C, too!  Not just because it is tempting and desirable, and not because it just adds to our weight problems.  As diabetics, neither of us should be going overboard with tasty treats!

C showed me that it wasn't necessary for me to bring any sweet treats with me.  He had a bunch at his home!  And, freezer full, also!

Ahhh, yes.  I must admit, I fell into temptation.  I ate dessert.  So, did C.

I feel badly about not making homemade meals, but with this extraordinary heat that has been nearly killing me, I just haven't felt like cooking meals much.  Especially meals that can be transported.  Even so, we shared dinner and enjoyed nice conversation, together!

And, talking about heat, it was really nice being able to relax and enjoy the cool air in C's apartment! 

However, when I first arrived, he didn't even have his air-conditioner turned on.  I was absolutely shocked seeing this!  Especially since the temperatures have been in and around the 100 F/37 C range.

Of course, there is something you haven't yet heard.  My air-conditioner at home hasn't been working properly. 

It runs, but then will blow the breaker after a few short minutes.  With my apartment being closed up, and with the unit requiring to be left off for about five (5) minutes, for it to cool down, it gets so-o hot in there, that recently I decided it wasn't even worth turning it on!

Yes, I've made arrangements for another unit, but it won't arrive for another week or two.  Meanwhile, I've been dying at home, in this intensive heat! 

And, not just at home, but in my van, also... for my air-conditioning is also not working there, either!  Tomorrow, it's getting looked at!

Boy, am I ever glad that God provides for all my needs! 

If He didn't, I wouldn't be able to survive through this intensive heatwave!  Especially, with no relief. 

He knows all our needs and provides for all.  He told us so, in Matthew 10:29, "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father."

Yes, God sees everything, and is in control of everything!  In my life, and in yours. 

Until next time...

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