Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eleventh Night...

Anyone who knows me personally, or anyone who has read Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries for a very long time, will know that I have relatives in Northern Ireland.

Before I visited there the first time, I wasn't aware that I had family there.  Well, I did... sort of. 

My grandmother, at the age of 18, had left her family and immigrated to Canada, back in 1912.  One hundred years ago!  Wow!  How shocking this is.  A whole century ago!

So, on my first visit to Ireland, I thought for sure I would only see the area where my granny had lived and possibly see headstones in the church graveyard.  It never crossed my mind that there would be relatives there that would consider me family.

To Gordon's and my surprise, we met several family members on that visit and were so grateful for getting to know them.  By the way, July 11th is the birthday of two (2) cousins of mine, who live in Northern Ireland.  Happy Birthday H & G!

That year, on the eleventh (11th) of July, we went with family who drove us to Old Bushmills Distillery.   As we approached the property entrance, we found we were blocked and not able to access the driveway.  A truck... or lorry, as the British and Irish call them, was overturned and afire.

Yes, I realize I said it was afire!  It was burning!

That evening we drove to a nearby town to have dinner at a hotel with some family.  Enroute, we were stopped by a police officer and questioned as to where we were going.

When we explained which hotel we were going to, he gave us permission to proceed.  Once we parked near the hotel, we heard a plain-clothed person radio to others, including the officer who had stopped us, confirming that we indeed had parked and were entering the hotel.

Why was this happening?

It wasn't due to some sort of problem that had been known to happen in years past, in Northern Ireland.  Rather, it was because July 11th is the day before the glorious twelfth!  I'll be writing about that, tomorrow!  The 11th is Bonfire Night!

Yes, on the day and evening of the 11th, bonfires are set.  And many, if not all, bridges are shut off throughout the evening and cannot be driven over, including the bridge the police had made sure we didn't intend to drive across!

Today, I spoke with one of my Irish cousins, whose birthday it is.  She told me that she'll be attending a bonfire celebration, this evening.  I let her know I'll be thinking of her!

This brought to mind a Bible verse that I felt was appropriate for the day.  Philippians 1:3, "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,"

Ah, memories...  How grateful I am for them!

Until next time...

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