Saturday, June 9, 2012

Whose Plan?!

Boy, oh boy!  I can't believe I still haven't told you about last Monday!  Wow!  And, today is Saturday!  Whoo-ee!

On Sunday, I cooked roast beef in my slow cooker.  Yes, it was tasty, even if I didn't make a full dinner, at the time!

On Monday, I did what I have been doing about once per week.  I made dinner and took it to my friend C, who is wheelchair bound.

Since he cannot get his wheelchair into my apartment, this means I have to take meals to him, when I feel I want to do something nice for him.  However, transporting a roast beef meal, including gravy, isn't easy.

Instead of making Monday's supper a hot meal, I decided to make it a cold plate.  In addition to sliced roast beef, we enjoyed potato salad, coleslaw and hard-boiled egg.  Of course, we had dessert, too!  Oops, I suppose I shouldn't say this, considering we are both diabetic!

In any case, I think C enjoyed his supper and his instant replay that he had on Tuesday.

Most Monday's of every month are busy evenings for me, as was this one.  It was the evening of my Windsor Book Club meeting.

Yes, I had read the book and answered the questions that we would discuss at our meeting.  Since our meeting had been moved to a location outside Windsor, I left C's about a half hour earlier or more than I normally do, when we share dinner.

I drove out to St. Clair Beach.  As I pulled into a parking spot in the plaza where we were to meet, I noticed people pulling up chairs outside on the sidewalk area.

Hmmm... when our meeting location was changed for the summer, we were e-mailed that a spot indoors at this coffee shop had been reserved.  I opened my window and asked our group leader if they decided to sit outdoors, instead. 

He replied that indeed, we would be sitting outdoors.

Oooohhhh dear!  Without even giving it a second thought, I let him know I wouldn't be joining him and the group for the meeting, then.

Well, not just because it was cold outdoors.  But, also, because I do not make a habit of spending a lot of time outdoors in the sunlight, unless I absolutely have to.  Still, I must admit, the cold temperature was the icing on the cake.  No way did I want to freeze!

As I drove home, I felt rather sick in my heart, being disappointed and rather sad that I had left my friend C's earlier than normal, just to be able to attend that meeting.  The thought of this, accompanied with the fact that I needlessly used my time, vehicle and gasoline to drive that distance for nothing, was rather upsetting.

Oh well.  I suppose I'll just have to wait until September to return to my book reading group, for that is when our previous location will once again be available to us.

Even then, I may or may not return to the group.  But, this is a topic for another day.

I was reminded how even though we feel things are out of control, God is always in control.  His will is always done.  Isn't this what we have prayed for, any time we have prayed the Lord's prayer?!

Sure it is!  In Matthew 6:10, we've prayed, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." 

Hmmm... so, I guess there's no reason to be upset.  I received the equivalent of God's plan for my life.  Just as I have prayed.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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