Monday, June 18, 2012

Perfect Love...

As you are aware, if you live in N. America, yesterday was Father's Day. 

In Britain, Father's Day is celebrated on a different date.  Of course, there are places in this world we live in, where fathers (or mothers) are not celebrated, at all.

In any case, I pray all dads had a wonderful day, yesterday.  However, I realize there are some dads who were not able to be celebrated, and who may even have felt heartbroken for various reasons.

Recently, I read an article printed in the National Post entitled, Sorry mom, but a father’s love may be more important to kids: research

To be honest, I believe this is the truth.  A dad's love is very important.  Maybe even more important than a mom's.  At least in some ways.

From my own experience of growing up feeling unloved and unwanted by my own dad, I know the heartbreak of rejection that some young people experience. 

Please don't think I am being unloving towards my dad, for I am not meaning to be.  Long ago, I forgave anything that needed forgiving.  And, I have a good understanding of why I experienced what I did.  Truly, I am just using this as an example to explain what I mean.

Boys seem to experience different circumstances than girls, when they suffer from parental rejection.  Some have low opinions of themselves.

Girls seem to be different from boys, in the sense that they sometimes look for love in all the wrong places.  Usually, looking for love from boys.

Of course, both girls and boys sometimes become drinkers or do drugs.  And, just because they grow up into men and women, doesn't mean they leave those habits behind.  In fact, in my opinion, most often the habit grows into something that sometimes leads to destruction of adult relationships.

But, no matter whether or not a person, male or female, receives the love and nurturing they feel they need from parents, or whether they feel rejection for various sorts of reasons, there is love available to them.  From God.

His love is everlasting.

Jesus' love never changes, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Yes, the love of my Saviour, is permanent.  And, the love He has for me and you, is permanent, also.

If you are one of those people, who feels unloved and unwanted, please know that there is love for you.  If you know Jesus and He knows you, you will be aware of the truth.

If you are saved and still don't feel loved, there is something you need to be aware of.  Don't rely on feelings.  Feelings can lead us astray. 

Rely on God's Word, the Bible, to show you of His love.  A love like no other.  Perfect love.

Until next time...

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