Saturday, June 2, 2012

More About Being Stalked!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I have begun to wonder if I'm being stalked.  If you haven't yet read yesterday's LwL entry, please do so, so that you will have a complete understanding of what I am referring to here, in today's entry.

As I said yesterday, my first thought about this last conversation wasn't shock or even surprise.  The thought that struck me, was that I was possibly being stalked.

After all, is this truly coincidence that the last three (3) men, who claim to want to get to know me better, and who claim to have an attraction for me, turned out to be the same person?  If I'm not being stalked, I have no other answer.

During the telephone conversation with this third (3rd) fellow, I even commented as to recognizing his voice.  Then, I said I had to go.

Even online, later in the evening, he wanted to chat.  Now this, was shocking! 

I made it clear that I knew he wasn't on the level.  At first, he tried to claim he didn't understand.  I let him know that I realized he wasn't American, as he usually claims to be.  I let him know that I believe he's African.

Then, I reminded him about who he represented himself as, when I spoke with him the first time.  And, even used the person's Facebook (FB) name, before shutting down our chat.

Immediately, I realized that I had something else to add.

When I attempted to reopen our chat, I was faced with a message that I could no longer access this person.  Hmmm... Okay.

Then, I decided to try the name of the first (1st) person; the fellow whose name I quoted to him, during our final chat.  Hmmm... same thing.

After sleeping on it, I awoke yesterday morning, wondering if I was truly right about the second (2nd) fellow, who I originally suspected was not on the level.  Sure enough!  No such person was available to me, anymore.


Had this not happened to me in real life, I would have wondered if this was truly possible.  Even through FB.  Yes, I believe I am being stalked!

Another Bible verse entered my mind.  Psalm 118:8, "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

While it is somewhat similar to yesterday's verse, it is not identical.  I am truly grateful that I put my trust in my Lord, and not in man. 

If you're not trusting in my Lord, Jesus Christ, please do so, right away.  Tomorrow may be too late!

Until next time...

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