Friday, June 1, 2012

Being Stalked?

If you've been a regular reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that  I've commented from time to time that I am approached regularly on Facebook (FB), by men I do not know.

It may sound crazy to you, but I have been approached by hundreds of them.  Literally.  This is not a joke, nor am I exaggerating.

Most of the time, I ignore them. 

From time to time, I have elected to befriend the occasional person.  Sometimes, it has worked out well, with the person becoming a friend in the Lord.  For this, I praise God!

However, there have been times when I wished I had not befriended the person. 

I've had men befriend me, and chat on a fairly regular basis.  Once they feel confident in the friendship, then they create a situation that has happened in their lives where they need financial help.

Instead of being upset, I usually laugh.  It's either laugh or cry, for me.  After all, do these people really believe I am that naive?  I realize these situations are not real.  I wasn't born under a rock.  Nor, was I born, yesterday.

One situation has really affected me, though.

Recently, one fellow who chatted me up on a regular basis, came across to me like he was on the level.  We seemed to relate well.  So, I made the decision to actually speak with him.

Some people want to use Skype, because it is a free programme.  However, I do not wish to do this, giving anyone more opportunity to access my computer through available systems.  So, we spoke by phone.

Immediately upon hearing his voice, I knew he was not from where he claimed to be from.  Communication ended, there.

Another fellow had been chatting with me.  Before getting too involved in chats with this fellow, who claimed to have an interest in me personally, I made up my mind to do the same thing.  So, I requested that we actually speak by phone.  The result was similar to the first fellow.  In fact, I even wondered if it was the same person.  No further contact was had.

Now, think me strange if you like, but after ignoring many more requests from men for quite a while, I finally decided to chat with someone else.  This last fellow seemed to be more on the level than the others had, even though he didn't claim to be a professional person, as the other two (2) had claimed.

Through a few chats, I wondered if possibly this fellow was on the level.  Still, the thought lingered in my mind that possibly this was just another scam.  So, I did what I did with the others.  I requested we speak by phone.

A couple of days ago, we did exactly that.  We spoke by phone.  While I wasn't truly shocked, it did surprise me to recognize the voice.  It was the same voice as I had heard, previously.

My first thought wasn't shock or even surprise.  It was am I being stalked?

This brought to mind a Bible verse.  In Psalm 146:3, we are told, "Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help."

What I am grateful for, is that God has placed it on my heart, to not just read His Word, but to memorize passages as well.  Whenever I need support, I rely on this.  And, am truly thankful, Lord!

There's more to be said about what I have written about, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until next time...

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