Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Strikes! But, Not Out!

After having such good quality time with my daughter and family throughout the week before last, I must say that last Monday was a disaster.

I've said it before in other entries of Life with Lynnie (LwL) and I'll say it again, that it seems whenever I do stuff for God, the enemy strikes out at me.  Yup.  Satan did his best, one week ago today, but he didn't win!

Last Monday began with me getting up extra early, so I could go and do a good deed for someone across town.

Please realize that I am not in the habit of being up and running quite that early, so I set not only my bedside alarm clock, but also the alarm on my cell phone.  Didn't want to have something go wrong!

Well, something did go wrong. 

Even though I left in more than enough time to make the trip cross town, I got caught up in a traffic jam.  What?  In Windsor, you say?  Yes, you can be as shocked as I was!

I called the person I was to do the good deed for, to let them know that I was being a few minutes delayed.  They weren't happy.  Then, the worst happened.  Traffic stopped, once again! 

This time, when I called, the person was truly angry with me!  Be still my heart!  Oh well, nothing I could do. 

Eventually, I made it!  All was well that ended well.  Or, so I thought.

After crossing town once again, I made my way to Red Lobster, where I was to meet two (2) friends for lunch.  I looked forward to this! 

Instead of going well, this turned out to be a disaster, too.

Okay, I realize that when people think of disabilities, they usually think with regards to legs and walking.  Yes, I have some limitations in that respect, but my biggest problem in restaurants is my eye problem.

Most people don't think about an eye issue as being a problem, but to me, it is.  When I am seated at a restaurant, I must make sure that the lighting is right for me, or else I am at risk for further damage to my eye.  And, believe me, this is not something I want!

In any case, I sat waiting for my friends.  Then, a wait person let me know they were seated at the back, waiting for me.

When I approached them, they wanted to remain seated there.  I was hurt.  And, upset.  Because we had sat there once before, and it was horrible for my eye.  At the time, I had commented that I would not want to sit there, again.  In this moment, I reminded them of this.

But, there they were.  Not willing to move to the table that was suitable for me.  So, I took out from my purse, the coupon I was going to use, handed it to them, and said my goodbyes, reminding them that I could not sit there. 

Strike three (3) came, that evening.  Someone I had done something nice for, posted a remark directed towards me, thankfully without mentioning my name, that wasn't quite so nice.

Ah, Lord!  Life sure can be hard.  But, God... You are so-o good!  Those three (3) strikes may have been hurtful to me, but I was not devastated.

I truly will suffer anything for You.  Yes, I know that You truly love me.  For this, I am and will be eternally grateful.

You loved me, even before I became born-again.  You loved me and provided, in so many of life's difficult circumstances.  You loved me, even when I didn't always think You were there, with me and for me.

The love of this world, cannot be compared in any way to the love God has for us!

He told us to love others, too. 

In John 13:34-35, we are told, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Okay.  That rather unloving day wasn't easy to deal with, but You sure made a way for me to deal with it, even so.  Thank You, Lord!

Yes, I forgave all who hurt me that day.  And, moved on. 

Still, I am grateful that God is in control of all things, and that He has removed the scales from my eyes, to see Him working daily, in my life.

Friend, if you are not yet saved, you need to be.  There is no other way to heaven.  So, don't be misled into thinking otherwise.

Until next time...

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