Thursday, May 17, 2012


This past Monday was a fairly normal day.  Nothing much happened that was unusual; at least, not until later!

If you've read Life with Lynnie (LwL) for a while, you'll know that the writer's group I belong to, that meet here in Windsor, meets every second (2nd) Monday.  Yup, that was the evening!

Arriving at the Central branch (downtown) of the Windsor Library, I was met by a fellow writer.  He explained that we would not be meeting in the room where we normally gather, in the basement level.

You should know that we are expecting to have to find a new location to meet, because this branch of the library will be moving, soon.  While I am not sure of an exact date, it seems that it is anticipated that this branch will relocate to within the Art Gallery, by the end of this month.

Still, I was shocked that we had been displaced by another group's meeting.  Even so, I followed him, upstairs to the second (2nd) floor.

Upon entering a small glass-enclosed meeting room, large enough only for a few people to meet around a smaller table than before, I sat beside a new person to the group.  We introduced ourselves to each other and our meeting began.

Throughout the meeting, I found myself glancing at this woman, wondering where I've met her, before. 

Before the end of our meeting, this newest person of our group gave someone their e-mail address.  And, spelled her last name.

Be still my heart!

After her conversation ended, I asked if she used to work at the post office.  She replied that she had indeed worked at the post office, many years ago. 

I let her know I worked with her for a short time.  At least 25 years ago!

When I explained the circumstance of my being injured as a letter carrier, with a torn muscle in my back (a few years after the bus collision) and working with her while on light-duty, to revamp all the walks (that's what the post office calles letter carrier routes) in Windsor to make them more efficient, she recalled knowing me.  Especially, when I told her my name, previous to what it is now, since I had remarried.

While I won't discuss it here, this was a time in my life with many trials and troubles.  Recalling me working with this woman brought back some not-so-good memories.  Oh, not due to anything regarding her, for she was actually very nice to me.  I just recalled something that was suggested to me, that ultimately changed my life, when I refused the offer.

Sorry, I can't go into any further detail.  I will say that since then, I've been thinking about that era of my life, including all the brokenness.  And, realizing that God had a purpose, even in that. 

Until next time...

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