Saturday, May 5, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I wrote about a couple of female Christian authors.

On Wednesday evening, I did something I hadn't before done. Let me explain. Recently, I joined LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking site. Once again, I must say, I believe I have made a new friend, through this site!

It was shocking to me when I was approached by another female local author, through my newly-acquired networking site.

This female author is Rosine Nimeh-Mailloux, whose latest book is entitled, The Madwoman of Bethlehem. Here is a link to Amazon: She also told me her book is available in bookstores like Indigo and Chapters.

Rosine's first (1st) book is entitled, Mustard and Vinegar.  Here is a link to Amazon:

The reason it was shocking to me, was because she invited me to attend an award dinner meeting at the Caboto Club, here in Windsor, even though we had never before met.

The group she is a member of, who sponsored the award meeting was the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW). The people receiving the awards, were elementary school children who had won competitions for poetry-writing.

Dinner was wonderful, as it always is at the Caboto Club.  But, it was even more special than normal, due to being seated with another person of importance to me.

A young fellow, who won one of the poetry awards, his teacher and his parents were seated at the table that Rosine, her husband and I, shared.  After quick introductions, the mother spoke up, claiming she knew me.  Well, sort of.

Yes, this mom looked familiar, but in the beginning I couldn't recall from where.  Neither could she, at first.  Then, she explained she is a nurse and had taken care of my now deceased husband, Gordon, when he had been hospitalized a few months before he died.

Be still my heart.  As soon as she reminded me of a conversation we had, I recalled her, too.

While the evening was great, I was once again reminded of the grief I have desperately been trying to leave behind.  Of course, God provided for me, emotionally as well as financially.

As I was preparing to leave, a generous soul approached me to purchase a copy of Love Never Fails You...   It was my hostess' husband.  Even though I insisted he didn't need to purchase a copy (I was prepared to give him one), he insisted on paying for it.

Rosine asked me to join CFUW, but suggested I might want to attend another couple of regular meetings, to see if I feel I fit in.  I plan on doing this.

All in all, it was an amazing evening!  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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