Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, A!

Happy 2nd Birthday, A!
(2 candles & one for good luck!)

As you would know if you've read Life with Lynnie (LwL) much in the past, I usually get up fairly early in the morning, weekdays.

Like normal, I got up, got ready, glanced a bit at my newspaper, and prayed.  Then, like a flash, I was off to the YMCA/YWCA (Y), to go do my pool exercise.

By the time I finished my exercise, I was feeling good, but tired.  Even so, on I went, through my daily routine.  I was very, very busy.  In addition to my usual routine, I had extras to do.

Baking a birthday cake, icing and decorating it ever so slightly, wrapping gifts and preparing for Thursday's outing to London and more, just kept me hopping!

Literally.  I felt like I hadn't a moment to spare.  When all was said and done, it was worth every effort I had put into the day's agenda.  I felt blessed.

You see, my granddaughter A's birthday is actually, today.  However, since her family members were not all available to meet today, we decided to meet on Wednesday, instead.

I enjoyed visiting and enjoying dinner together.  Throughout our time, A continuously wanted some birthday cake.  Yes, she had seen it come into the house and could not wait!

 After lighting candles, we sang Happy Birthday to A.  She is now officially, two (2) years old!  I was surprised to see that she enjoyed receiving her presents.  She began playing with one toy she received, right away!

With help from family members, she kept trying to blow out the candles.  Over and over, she blew... or maybe I should say... spit... on the cake, in an effort to close the flames.  lol  What a blessing!

As a group, we decided that I would slice the cake a little differently, than normal.  This was done so that A would receive the portion of cake that had been spit upon. 

Of course, A enjoyed this treat, immensely!  This meant that she had more icing than she normally would have received.

Here's A, enjoying her birthday cake!

Knowing that today was A's official birthdate, I made sure to call her, speak with her, and wish her Happy Birthday!  Thank You, Lord... for my family.  You have truly blessed me!

Until next time...

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