Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forgiven And Loved Much...

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I had trouble leaving my parking garage. 

Due to the road construction work being done by my apartment complex, the ambulance that attended my building couldn't use the front driveway entrance, as they usually do.  Instead, they had to park on the ramp to the level where I was parked.

Thankfully, a neighbour/board member helped guide me out; there was only an inch or two on either side of my vehicle, but I managed to get out.

Once I turned out onto the under construction roadway, I headed towards the cemetary.  About a block away from my building, there was a transit bus stopped, with its 4-way flashers on.  No, it wasn't stopped to accommodate public transit users.  It was broken down.

This created a traffic tie-up.  After taking a deep breath, I prayed, "Lord, help!" 

I had visions of being late for the funeral service.  When I say the funeral service, I am referring to a graveside service, where my friend's ashes were to be buried.  I didn't want to miss it!

You see, last week, my friend's daughter forgot to contact me and/or my co-worker/friend C, who was also part of a small group of friends who hung out together.  For several years we had worked together, with our friend who died. 

And, since there was no newspaper notice, neither C, nor I knew that visitation at the funeral home had been held, last Friday.  Until C was told last Saturday, when he was finally able to reach our friend's daughter.

C was rather hurt and upset that we had missed the visitation.  So, was I.  But, I did my best to console C, as I prayed about the situation.

In any case, I finally made it to Heavenly Rest cemetary; the furthest one in our area, from my home.  As I drove into the cemetary, I was thankful that I would be on time, after all! 

As I drove through the cemetary, my heart began to sink.  I never found any buriel happening.  As I passed a cemetary worker driving his vehicle, I enquired as to where the buriel was taking place. 

The worker explained to me that there was no buriel taking place for the name of my friend.  In addition, he explained that ashes are not buried in that cemetary.

My heart sank.

Since this cemetary was within a couple minutes of where Gordon is buried, I went there.  Nope; no buriel there, either.

Eventually, I realized that the time was such, that if I ever found where the buriel was taking place, I would be too late.  So, I made my way home.  Rather upset, I must add.

Enroute, I stopped at my friend's daughter's home and left at her door, sympathy cards for both her brother and her own family.

Later in the afternoon, she called me, apologizing for the mix up.  Apparently, our friend's ashes were bured at a cemetary where C, who is wheelchair bound, would have been able to access, unlike the one she told us in error.

Once again, C was rather hurt, and so was I.

Yes, I forgave her.  Does it mean that what happened was okay?  Absolutely, not!  But, the reality is that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

This whole ordeal brought to mind a Bible verse.  In Luke 7:47, we are told, "Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little."

The point to that verse, is that when we forgive, we not only love, but are forgiven.  It is my prayer that you forgive those who hurt you, friend.

Until next time...

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