Thursday, May 10, 2012

Delicious Treat!

If you've read Life with Lynnie (LwL) earlier this week, you would recall that my friend J, that we call B, is back in town and was baptized on Sunday!  My daughter and I both attended his baptism and were glad to be a couple in a huge group of people that wanted to see him.

Well, Tuesday was a very different day for me.  Actually, what I have to say began last week, when B called me and suggested that I join him and two (2) other Christian friends for lunch, at a location near where one of our friends worked.  Of course, I agreed to this!

On Tuesday morning, B called me once again.  It was determined that our two (2) Christian friends could not meet us.  We decided to meet for lunch together without them, to celebrate our friendship! 

However, our location was changed.  B suggested we meet at the Maple Leaf Bar & Grill.  It's really a restaurant that has been frequented for years and is well-known for its breakfasts.

In any case, B and I met there and enjoyed some truly wonderful fellowship time.  Not to mention a wonderful meal, together!  B and I both enjoyed sandwiches.  B had a Reuben and I, a Club House.  B insisted on paying the bill, claiming it was his turn to do so, since I had treated him last fall, the last time we had lunched, together.  Thank you, B!  Our meeting was truly more than a delicious treat!

I can honestly tell you that we never are at a loss of words when we meet.  Like normal, we discussed the Bible.  Even though we don't always see eye-to-eye on some issues, we are strong enough friends to accept our differences.  After all, God did tell us to not let small things divide us, in our Christian experience.  For this, I am truly thankful, Lord!

Of course, we discussed our families, and other life issues.  One thing I realized later, was that even though B was friends a good friend to both Gordon and I, when Gordon was alive, we never discussed him.  That was probably a 'first' for me!

When I was driving home, I felt really tired.

At first, I thought possibly it was because I had overindulged at lunch with B!  But, then I realized I had only slept about four (4) hours.

Oh yes!  It all came flashing back to me! 

On Sunday, after seeing B get baptized, I was only a couple of blocks from an Indigo (book store) location.  Knowing that I wanted to purchase a copy of my newest friend Rosine Nimeh-Mailloux's book, The Madwoman of Bethlehem, I had stopped in and purchased it.  Of course, it can be ordered on-line:

Ever since I had been recently ill, I have felt like I have not fully recovered, when it comes to energy.  Sunday evening, I had been falling asleep in my recliner chair, much too tired to begin reading.  Monday evening was a different story (no pun intended!).

Once I began reading Rosine's novel, I found I had trouble putting it down.

Throughout the entire evening, I continued reading.  After midnight, I decided I should hit the hay, so off I went to get some shut-eye.

That only lasted a few minutes.  Lying in bed, I mean.  I could not sleep, or relax enough to even doze.  Even prayer didn't help.

If you guessed I got up and continued reading, you are right!  In fact, the later it got, and the further I got into the book, the less I wanted to sleep, until I had finished reading it.

Thus, only a few short hours of sleep was my cause of being tired, on Tuesday.  No problem, I thought to myself.  It was worth it to have experienced such a delicious novel treat!

Until next time...

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