Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

If you've read Life with Lynnie (LwL) for any amount of time, you will realize that my co-worker/friend C, is partially-disabled.  In fact, he is wheelchair bound.

You'll also realize that on a fairly regular basis, I visit him.  Sometimes, just to say 'hi' and other times, to share time and a meal with him, that I've either transported from home, or picked up enroute.

Last Friday was different.  In fact, it was rather like a 'first' for C. 

It is only recently, that C has begun to use public transit, to get around in his motorized wheelchair.  In the past, a friend was assisting him, but this has now changed.  Recently, he crossed town to visit a friend, and another day, he went shopping.

But, Friday was different.  It was the first time he crossed town to take me to lunch.

Even though I explained that I didn't bring him meals so he would do this, C insisted that he take me out to one of our favourite restaurants.  It took me a while to decide on whether or not I should go along with this, but in the end, I realized that C not only also wanted to savour a special lunch, but also wanted to feel he could return the favour.  So, we did it.

We met at Red Lobster

Together, we enjoyed a delicious meal and fabulous fellowship time!  Thank you, C.  Even though it wasn't necessary for you to do this for me, I do appreciate it, friend.

Since I've already told you about some weekend stuff, I thought I'd fast-forward to Monday.  Monday evening, to be exact!

Monday evenings have become busy times for me.  This week, it wasn't a writer's group I met with, but rather I met with my book reading club members. 

We usually meet at a restaurant/coffee shop that is housed on the raised lower level of a church, near the University of Windsor. 

Normally, I arrive just a moment or so before our meeting is scheduled to begin.  This month was different; I arrived about 6:40 p.m.!

Most fellow book readers were in attendance, but there was someone missing.  Our group leader.  In fact, he arrived later than I normally do!  See, good old Murph (of Murphy's Law fame) is alive and well!

The book we had read prior to our meeting was The Giver, by Lois Lowry.

This author's work was very different in nature than most of the works of the past.  While it didn't contain as much sin as some of the books we've read and reviewed, it was a true work of fiction. 

As per normal, I don't like to give away much of the content, because I truly do not want to spoil it for anyone who has yet to read the book.  However, I will say a little about it, and give some opinion.

The focus of this story was basically on a society of another time and place.  Nothing that we can relate to, here and now.  It was said that this book was written for teenagers/young adults, but I never would have guessed this.  It seemed to relate well to everyone, as adults.

Many euphemisms were used to disguise the true meanings of life's issues.  For example, the term Release is used, throughout the work, even though society in general had no idea what this referred to.  The word death, was never used in this society; in fact, it was totally unknown to the masses.

While I found the book itself interesting to read, I am of two (2) minds whether I would recommend young people to read this.  Especially since they are easily influenced.  How be if I leave that decision up to you?!

Until next time...

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