Friday, April 20, 2012

Two Birds With One Stone!

Wednesday, was a very long day for me.  And, for some of my family members.

As you would know if you've been a reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL) for any amount of time, I wrote a book a few months ago.  Love Never Fails You... is available in USA, where it was published.  And, at various bookstores here in Canada.  Check it out:

However, it is not yet available at all bookstores, in Canada.  In fact, to date, it is hardly available anywhere!

If you check out my Lynnie Books site, you'll see where it is available in bookstores.  Also, there is a link where you can order it in e-book format.  In addition, it is available as a print on demand publication.  However, to access this format, you would need to order it through a location that can print on demand.  :)

Eventually, it is my hope to have Love Never Fails You... available in every Christian bookstore, in Canada.  And, hopefully, anywhere/everywhere where people are hurting and need to be encouraged that God is there, for them.

This will not be an easy task to complete.

Knowing that I wanted to head up to London, Ontario to make efforts to market my book there, and knowing my daughter  needed to attend a medical appointment with my grandson, we decided to kill two (2) birds with one stone, so to speak.

While I drove, she relaxed.  This is a good thing, for with her physical ailments driving this distance to the hospital and home again, is a painful and exhausting task for her.  My grandson played games on the two (2) computerized sources he brought with him.

After dropping off my daughter and grandson at the hospital, I made my way to Creation Christian Bookstore, 900 Oxford St. E., London, ON.  The bookstore was not difficult to find.  In fact, I found it rather quickly, even though I didn't have a map of London!

Yes, I had stopped at the Visitor centre on my way into town, but was rather saddened to find that I arrived about a minute after they had shut down for their hour-long lunch break.  No access to the locked up building meant no map for me!

It turned out just fine.  After all, God's plans always do!

Before entering the store, I prayed.  Upon entering I was greeted by a clerk who asked if she could help me.  I explained I am a Christian author, and introduced myself.

We discussed my book and she took a look at it.  While this process was occurring, I explained that Love Never Fails You... was being carried at other Christian bookstores, that I named.  This lovely lady recognized the stores I had mentioned and agreed to carry my publication in their store.

Once written confirmation was complete, she suggested I sign each copy I was leaving with them.  If I looked shocked, it was probably because I was!  So far, she was the only person who had suggested I do this.

Since, whenever I sell a copy myself, I sign it for the purchaser, I decided this was a wonderful idea.  So, before I left the store, I made sure to write a short message, completed with my signature. 

I must say that as I exited the store, I felt encouraged!

Oops... since there is more I need to say about this rather complex day, I will have to continue, tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience!

Until next time...

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