Tuesday, April 24, 2012


If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I visited a wheelchair-bound friend last Friday, making supper for us.

After dinner, we watched Wheel of Fortune, together.  Whenever I would solve the puzzle quickly, C would display a shocked look.  I would smile and apologize.  Well, at least this didn't happen with every puzzle that night; I am sure C was grateful for such small mercies!

After the show was over, I high-tailed it home.  No, I didn't have a date that night!

However, I did have plans.  I wanted to get my laundry done.  Wow!  What an exciting Friday evening!

I quickly arranged my loads of laundry, gathered up my coins for the machines, soap and dryer sheets and off I went to get this chore done.  Arriving at the laundryroom, I experienced something I had never before seen.  At least not in the five and a half (5 1/2) years I have lived here.

Upon entering the laundryroom, the light in the foyer part of the unit, was on like normal.  But, when I looked into the part of the complex where all the washers and dryers are located, it was in total darkness!

Talk about shock!  Never before had I ever experienced this.  Even so, I was grateful, because it meant I didn't have to worry about wondering if machines would be available for me to use!

It didn't take long to have this household chore completed!  For this, I thank You, Lord!

Saturday morning, I awoke rather early.

This was a day when I did something I hadn't done in close to three (3) weeks.  I went to the YMCA/YWCA (Y).

Arriving at 8:00 a.m., when the Y opens on Saturday mornings, wasn't so hard to do.  It's certainly a lot easier than being there for their Monday to Friday opening times of 6:30 a.m.!

In any case, since I had been ill for the time I had been away, and since I still felt that I didn't have much energy, I just took my time working out.  In effect, I did only about half of what I normally do. 

Even so, I found myself exhausted, once finished.  Arriving home, feeling as tired as I was, it didn't take me much time to make the decision to go back to bed, for a while.

Deciding to not set my alarm, I believe I passed out before my head hit the pillow.  When my phone rang, three (3) hours later, was when I once again, awoke!

Ahhh... what a restful feeling it was, to feel relaxed.  Again, I must praise God and thank Jesus!

Until next time...

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