Sunday, April 15, 2012

Problem Shifting...

Today, is my Lord's day.  Sonday!  The day when I go to church, to worship God.

After not sleeping well last night, and certainly not for long, I awoke once again as I had through the night, but this time, I got up and out of bed.  No sleeping in for this gal!  Well, I suppose if I want to be most accurate, I would say, no sleep for this gal!

Since it was early, I went on Facebook (FB) to update, share stuff and of course, chat with friends.

Chatting is something I do fairly regularly.  In fact, I rarely ever have time to chat someone else up, because I'm usually overwhelmed with people chatting me up!

When you couple this with the fact that not all friends are from N. America, it's not hard to see that any hour of any day, someone, somewhere in the world, wants to chat!  This morning, I chatted with people from Asia, Africa and England, mainly.

Of course, I made sure I had plenty of time to get ready for church.  And, I even left early. 

On my way to worship, I stopped at the cemetary.  Like usual, I stood beside Gordon's grave, talking with him and with God.  Enroute, rain had begun to fall, but I had prayed, asking God to stop the rain, so I wouldn't get wet.  Thankfully, he responded, positively.

Eventually, I carried on to my church.  Parking was simple, today.  Taking less time to park meant that I arrived earlier than I normally do!  Praise God!

A couple that sometimes sits in front of where I usually sit, were there, today.

Something was different about them.  Hmmm... it might have been the fact that they had a new addition to their family, with them!  The tiny guy was only 13 days old.  Every time I looked at him, I wanted to cry. 

Melancholy feelings came over me, throughout the service.  Don't mind me.  I go through these feelings, from time to time.

After church, I did a bit of shopping, visited for a few minutes with each of my daughters and did a few errands.

By the time I reached home, I was weary! 

Thinking a cup of coffee might perk me up, I made myself a cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino, my favourite!  It tasted so good, I even had a second cup!

Okay.  Some of you may be thinking this was the wrong thing to do.  After all, coffee in the afternoon and/or evening does make some people sleepless.  However, if you thought that about me, you'd be wrong.

Even after two (2) cups of coffee, I sat in my chair to read for a while, and found I dozed off, once again!  Once I awoke enough to get myself up and out of my chair, I headed to my bed, where I collapsed for another 30+ minutes!

OOoooeeee!  I felt great after napping!

Now, the problem has shifted from will coffee keep me awake tonight, to... will the afternoon nappy do the trick?  Only God knows, at this point in time.

Until next time...

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