Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love You...

As you can probably tell from recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, I was not looking forward to Easter weekend, even if I do love my Lord, Jesus Christ.

And, mostly it was because of the three (3) heartbreaking memory days amidst the celebration time.  While the memory of Gordon and I marrying on the Saturday of Easter weekend years ago was a happy memory, it only serves to remind me of my loss.  Couple that with Easter Monday being the anniversary of when his death was planned to happen, and the day following becoming his actual day of death, it just wasn't a period of time I was looking forward to.

In fact, I will go so far as to say I wished I could have just forgotten about the whole period of time. 

However, much to my surprise, Easter Sunday turned out to be such a blessing to me, that I can hardly find the words to tell you about it.  Certainly, it was very different than what I expected it to be.

Of course, worshipping at church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, are a given, for me.  I wouldn't miss it for the world!  And, I didn't.  Miss it, I mean.  I was there, physically, in spirit and in truth.

What I didn't expect was to have such a fulfilling day, afterwards.

I had prearranged to visit my daughter P and her family, immediately after church.  Normally, I would have gone to the cemetary to visit Gordon's grave, but knowing I had other things on my agenda, I did this, before going to worship.

Visiting with P and my family was one highlight of my day! 

We enjoyed conversation and some discussions, while having some tasty treats melt in our mouths.  Of course, grandma could not go empty-handed.  I had sweet treats for all my family.

Later, I made my way to my daughter B's home.  Together, along with a friend of hers, we shared a delicious Easter dinner.  Much like at P's, my family enjoyed their sweet Easter treats that grandma brought with her!

Before I said goodbye to my grandson A, he asked me to wait a couple of minutes, while he made me something. He explained to me that he wanted to put it together, especially for me.  I agreed.  Within a short time, he handed me something I had never before seen the likes of.

Grinning from ear to ear, A gave me a cookie that had been baked in the shape of an Easter egg and had decorated it with some coloured spots.  He had placed two (2) candy eyes on it.  Above the eyes, he wrote love; below the eyes, he wrote you.  Meaning I love you... 

I almost cried on the spot!  Of course, the only thing better than receiving a gift of this sort, was the hugs and kisses that went along with it!  Thank You, Lord!

Let's face it.  I'm blessed, and I know it!

Arriving home, after parking my vehicle, I was riding up in the elevator with a neighbour.  He asked me about the cookie and I showed it to him. 

The gentleman said, "You're not going to eat that cookie, are you?"  I replied to him, that I absolutely wasn't going to do that.  Instead, I mentioned I would take a photo of the cookie, wrap the sweet treat and place it in my freezer.

As you know, I'm not the world's best photographer.  Even so, here is the pic that I will always treasure.

I pray your Easter was as wonderful as mine was.  Please know I pray for you.

Until next time...

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