Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friday Night?!

As you may have read in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I worked on compiling my info needed in order to file my 2011 Income Tax.

At least, that's what I did during the day.

You may be aware that my real estate partner/friend/co-worker C, had a stroke and is unable to work, currently.  Well, being the person I am, this hasn't meant that I have ended our working relationship.  Instead, I've been praying and trusting God will provide the healing C needs.  So, our working relationship continues, even if only in theory.

That being said, I realize that C needs support and encouragement.  Since his daughter who used to live with him recently died and since his other two (2) children live many hours drive away from here, he really doesn't have family support.  So, he needs support from friends.

As my friend, we speak by phone, regularly.  Usually, once or twice a week, I will visit him.  Friday was the delegated time!

Knowing that after doing all that stressful work for our government requirements, I wouldn't feel like cooking, I decided to pick up fish & chips, for dinner.  I called C and let him know I'd be dropping in to visit, at suppertime.

That's one thing that C told me in the past, that he misses.  Being able to get out to a restaurant for fish & chips.  Well, since it's not easy getting him to the restaurant, I brought the food to him!

It would have been simple to order cole slaw to accompany our meals, but since I had in my refrigerator the fixins, I decided to mix this up and take it with me. 

Of course, not much I do happens perfectly, as my good old friend Murphy (of fame from Murphy's Law!) will attest to!  As I went to add the dressing, I realized I had run out!

What did I do?  I went on internet and googled cole slaw dressing recipes!  :)

The first one I checked out looked perfect to me.  In fact, I had everything I needed to use, to make this homemade dressing, so I proceeded to mix it up.  Then, I dressed the cabbage mixture.

Believe it or not, I was surprised it tasted good!  Thank You, Lord!

When it was the appointed time, I left home, picked up our dinner and made my way to C's.

We had a nice visit.  Well, at least I believe we both did. 

Once again, I took some time, working on his laptop computer, in an effort to make it easier for him to use.  No, I'm not a computer geek.  But, I do know enough to set it up for him, so he'll be able to more easily access what he needs.

After watching Wheel of Fortune together, I left for home.

Yawning, tired and ready to chill out, I just took it easy.  Pretty sad really, for a Friday night!

Until next time...

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