Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Didn't Belong...

Last Saturday, during the day I worked again on accumulating info for my income taxes. 

However, during the evening, I did something really different.  I attended a conference.  While I have attended conferences of various sorts, many times, never had I done so on a Saturday evening.  At least, not that I can recall.

The conference was held at a location, not far from my home, so it was easy to get to.  Parking was easy.  I entered the building, took the elevator to the floor on which the event was taking place and easily found my way to the entrance, where I presented my pre-paid ticket and signed in.

Although I didn't count the number of people in attendance, I would estimate probably between 30 - 40 others joined me.

A fellow-author/friend of mine was the main organizer of this event.  While I realized there would be another two (2) presenters joining him, I didn't realize that I already knew one of the other men.

Like my fellow-author/friend, the other fellow I knew is another published author.  We had met around the time, when we both had published our books.

This other fellow author, was in fact, the first of the three (3) speakers of this self-improvement seminar.

He did a wonderful job, presenting.  He was postive and gave great insight into helping others improve themselves.  His humour from time to time, brought a smile my face and to the faces of those around me.

However, even though this man referred to God, from time to time, he made no reference in a Christian way. 

This was disappointing to me, but not as disappointing as the second speaker.  This fellow was from Michigan, USA and was introduced as someone who holds a position at a Bible-believing/Bible-preaching church.

What he spoke about was a very interesting topic, as well.  Also geared towards self-improvement.  Much like the first speaker, this man also mentioned God, but never any reference to our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

As I said, this was even more disappointing to me.  Especially, since my friend/fellow author/organizer I knew would definitely not mention my Lord.  He's not Christian.

My friend was last, but not least, in his presentation.  From a secular standpoint, what he said made perfect sense.  In fact, it seemed all in attendance agreed with what was promoted.

At least that's the impression I got, from those seated near me, who spoke with me during intermission, as well as at at the end of the conference. 

During the question and answer period, I congratulated each presenter on their presentation and prayed that God would bless them, since I didn't truly know what else to say, and most people were making comments.

Only hearing positive thoughts from people made me sad.  Well, I need to clarify what I mean.

While I am happy that the seminar itself went well, and am happy that each presenter did well in getting across to those hearing, exactly what they meant to say, it was still after all... secular.

It was rather disappointing to me that no one truly made any Christian reference to God, but rather, put all the onus on improving one's life, on the person, themselves.  This, my friend, is in total opposition to God's Word.  For we are to trust God for everything in our lives, and lean not to our own understanding, so He will direct our path.  Proverbs 3:5

Being secular in nature, I felt rather out of place.  Like I didn't belong, there.  Well, I suppose the truth is, I didn't belong there.

Even so, I prayed for everyone who attended this conference, that if there were any not yet saved, that God would save them, and their families.  And, I also prayed for those who were saved, and didn't even acknowledge our Lord.

Until next time...

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