Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools! & Gratitude...

Today, is April 1st.  April Fools' Day

At least until noon, on this day, it seems folks from all over the world play tricks on each other.  At least, that's how it seems, from postings from my Facebook (FB) friends!

As a child, I can recall my mom playing tricks on us, usually at breakfast time.  Like sitting down at the table, with a boiled egg placed in front of us, sitting proudly in an egg cup. 

Thinking the egg was awaiting our opening it to partake of its contents, we would take a knife and hit the egg, partway down from the top.  We fully expected to see a soft-boiled egg awaiting us to dip our toast into it.

Instead, at least on one occasion, much to our shock and dismay, we found the egg was empty!  Mom had already opened the egg, spooned out its contents and placed it upside down in the egg cup, so it looked like we had a real, untouched egg awaiting us, as our breakfast!  lol :)

As an adult, I used to play April Fools' pranks on my children, too.  Hopefully, they've forgiven me for that.

Yes, I did the egg thing, from time to time, and made sure in years between that they would actually have a real soft-boiled egg awaiting them, so they wouldn't be led to think they would receive an empty shell, every year!  But there were other things I did.

While I won't create a list here for you to chuckle at, I will say that one year, I made them cheese sandwiches, using cheese slices that were individually wrapped.  My mom could never do this, because when I was young, cheese slices did not come individually wrapped, but rather, were wrapped in a pile of cheese slices that required separating, before use.

In any case, knowing that I had to make them sandwiches for lunch, and that they usually ate about 11:45 a.m. (still within the noontime frame), I decided to do something they had never before seen me do.  I left the wrapper on the individual slice, when I made their sandwich.

This way, it looked like a real, ready to eat sandwich, since I sliced it with a knife, as per usual.  However, when they went to bite into it, they couldn't eat it!  Not with the wrapper still intact!  lol :-))

Well, today was April Fools Day, but it was also my Lord's Day!  Sonday.  The day I go to worship my God, at church.

On the way, I stopped at the cemetary, to visit Gordon's grave.  I also removed his wreath and the wreath I had placed on his parents' grave.

As I left there and made my way to church, I thought about how grateful I am that God did not pull some sort of April Fools joke on us.

How grateful I was that when He made His plan of redemption for us, that He made a plan that was fulfilled, by our Lord, Jesus Christ at the cross. 

And, how grateful I was that Jesus was obedient to the Father's command, to come to earth in the body of a baby, who would grow up into a man, who would suffer and die on the cross for the sin of the whole world, for all who will believe.

Being Palm Sunday, I can only say, that while the world is looking forward to Easter, with hunts, tasty sweet treats, and more, I am looking forward to Easter, as a new beginning.

The anniversary of when new life began for all believers in Jesus Christ, and a new life, for me.

Until next time...

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