Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wonderful Workshop!

Last Saturday, I did something different.  lol  Okay, this is becoming a habit, I guess.  Doing something different, I mean.
Different can be good!

After being out in Amherstburg for the church sale that I wrote about a few days ago, and after returning home to Windsor, I made my way to the Windsor Public Library branch closest to where I live.  The Riverside branch.

Yes, I needed to pick up the book I had on order, but when I arrived, it had not yet been unpacked from the delivery boxes.

However, that wasn't my main reason for being there.

In the afternoon, there was a special meeting being held.  One that I wanted to attend.  Well, in essence it was more of a workshop than a meeting.

By the time I arrived, every seat was filled at the tables that formed a U-shape, so everyone could see clearly the on-screen information that was being presented by the facilitator.

To be honest, it almost blew me away, seeing so-o-o many people in attendance of this workshop.  I had no idea there were quite so many people interested in learning how to write memoirs.  Quickly, I relaxed, when I saw there were a few people I knew there; people who are fellow members of my Windsor writing group.

The facilitator was a woman who was a published author.  Her name is Madeline Sonik.  Here is a LINK for you to use, to find out more about her and books she has written.

And, as I arrived, the workshop was just beginning.  I took a seat at the end of the beverage table set up, for all to access for refreshments. 

Actually, it worked out well for me, because I could see and hear perfectly from my seat. 

Truly, I feel blessed being able to attend this workshop.  Not just because I got to meet this author in person, but also because what I heard and what my notes attest, is the fact that when I wrote my book, Love Never Fails You... I wrote it the way it was recommended!

If you haven't yet read my book, you are welcome to visit where you'll be able to click on a link for the e-book format, that gives all who access the link, an example of my writing.

All in all, I was glad I took the time to participate in this workshop.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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