Saturday, March 3, 2012

Southern Italy...

The last Friday of the month is when Heritage Park Alliance Church (HPAC) seniors meet; their group is called The Legacy Group

If you have read Life with Lynnie (LwL) around that time of January, you'll know that I had been invited by the head librarian, to attend the meeting, last month.  Well, this month, once again, I joined them.

Before I left home to meet with the group on February 24th, I had been conversing with my real estate partner/friend C, who is still at the rehab centre.  When I said I had to end our conversation, and get ready to go out to dinner, he asked a question that was humerous.  He asked me who the lucky guy was.

When I asked what he meant, he replied that since I was going out to dinner on a Friday evening, I must be going out on a date.  Be still my heart!

Truly, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

After I explained I was attending the church group dinner, and hung up from my telephone call with C, I began thinking about what he had said.  And, I found it rather upsetting.

No, I wasn't upset with him.  But, reality struck me that since I am no longer a young person with prospects in life, I would probably never go out on a date again, ever.

Thinking about missing my husband, and thinking about being alone for the rest of my life, did nothing to encourage me.  Even so, I prepared myself and off I went.

While last month, we watched a movie entitled, Courageous (one I truly hope you have watched), this month was somewhat different.  All who had purchased a ticket, arrived to celebrate an evening in Italy.

Round tables were used this month, as they are more suitable for an evening meal, where people can both eat and talk with each other.  The colours of Italy were used to brighten the decor.

Together, we enjoyed a fabulous meal, catered by local Italian centre that provides meals as well as space for functions.  Here in Windsor area, it is a fairly common meal, but oh, so delicious!

We all agreed at our table, that we savoured every morsel of roasted chicken, roast potatoes, penne in tomato sauce, salad and Italian dinner rolls.  As if this wasn't enough, we finished our meal with delectable cake, for dessert, accompanied by coffee and/or tea.

After dinner, we listened to music.  A young man who worships at HPAC is a drummer in a trio, who played for us.  This was delightful and refreshing!

Later, once all tables had been cleared, I had visitors approach me, at my table. 

The first woman was one of the pastors' mom; she was a lovely lady.  Very friendly and welcoming to me, to be sure.

The second visitor, was a woman who was seated halfway across the room from me.  I recognized her, immediately.  She is a fellow neighbour, in my apartment building!  A rather new addition to our home.

My newer neighbour let me know that while seated at her table, others mentioned the fact that I was seated across the way.  Apparently, they discussed my book, Love Never Fails You...  While we chatted, she informed me that we could drive together, any time, to worship at her church. 

Truly, I have found folks at this church, very friendly and welcoming!  A pleasant change from what I have been living with, lately.  But, then, I won't go there, now.

We finished up the evening watching a video, obtained from the public library.  The video was of Southern Italy.

Like others at my table, I enjoyed this film, immensely.  While Gordon and I had not toured much of Southern Italy, we had visited several places, like Rome, and other areas north of Rome.

Of course, this film ended with views of Rome.  As I watched, I felt rather melancholy.  Seeing some of the places we visited together, brought those mixed feelings of happiness and sadness, once again.

At the same time, I was grateful God had blessed me, by having spent that time with my husband, even if I still miss him terribly, now.

Until next time...

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