Friday, March 2, 2012

Showing & Giving Love...

Well, I've about had enough of feeling stressed and heartbroken, never mind writing about it.  So, today will be different.  Today, I will write more about my comings and goings of recent time.

Last week, I visited with a friend of mine, A.  While we ususally meet periodically, for lunch, this visit was different.  I went to her home!

I was so happy to see that A was doing well after her surgery.  I praise God and thank Jesus that A is healing well!  Thank you, to any/all who pray for A's healing.  May God bless you...

We had a nice visit and enjoyed a cup of tea, together.  Actually, we yakked for so long, I began to wonder if I had actually moved in and had not just dropped by for a short time!

On the Thursday evening that week, I drove to Essex, once again.  Being the last Thursday of the month, it was time for our writer's group meeting, in Leamington.

This time, instead of parking my vehicle and climbing into my friend and fellow writer J's vehicle, J climbed into my van, and off we went to Leamington, to the Arts Centre, where we meet.

The planned speaker couldn't make it, but it was okay.  We had been asked to bring stuff we had written, if we wanted to share.  But, there was so-o much to talk about, we never had a moment to spare!

On Friday, I spent some time with family.  While this sounds good, and certainly it is, in the sense that I appreciate spending time with my family, both reasons weren't the best.

My grandson N had to have an ultrasound test, as he hasn't been well.  So, I picked him up and took him to his test.  Hopefully, the results will be informative as to what is happening, in terms of his health. 

His mom couldn't because she had her own stressful situation to deal with.

Even so, I met up with both my daughters for a short visit.  I was glad we were able to have done this, because I want to be supportive of them, both in good as well as not-so-good aspects of life. 

Besides, it truly is a blessing to spend any amount of time with my family.

As well, it's always nice when one can hug and give tokens of love to those who are important in our lives.  So, in this case, I praise God and thank Jesus, for being able to show my family I love them.

Until next time...

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