Sunday, March 4, 2012

Praise God! Thank You, Jesus! No Pain; No Gain!

Saturday, Feb. 25th, was quite a day!

You see, the day before I found out that the swimming pool at the YMCA/YWCA (Y) was once again open for use.  Somehow, they had forgotten to call me, to let me know.  But, while downtown on Friday, I dropped by and found this to be the case.

So, about 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, I left home.

At first it wasn't snowing.  Then, within a few minutes, snow began to fall.  Wind began blowing.  The next thing you know, was that I was in the middle of a severe snowstorm, almost a blizzard!

Not a big deal, to be sure.  It is, after all, winter!

However, the roads that had only a short time earlier been wet, were now frozen.  Traffic slowed to a crawl. 

About 7:45 or 7:50 a.m., I began to turn left from Riverside Dr. W., onto Ferry St.

The trouble was, my van didn't want to make the turn.  Instead, my vehicle began sliding over towards the curb.  Applying the brakes made the anti-lock brakes kick in, but this didn't stop me.

Twisting and turning in mini circles, reminded me why I prefer rear wheel drive, as the older vehicles had been, instead of these newer products with front wheel drive.  This means less control, overall.

However, as the pole grew closer to me, I prayed that my Lord would stop my van and not allow me to hit anything.  At first, I continued sliding.

But, then... my van came to a stop.  Nope; I didn't hit anything.  Not even the curb.  It felt strange; almost like a miracle, for it happened rather abruptly.  One second moving; the next, stopped!

For this, I praise God and thank Jesus!  Even now, I can only thank You, for answering my prayer!

You may have thought I was alone in having trouble driving during the snowstorm time, but the reality is, I was not alone.  Many other drivers had trouble. 

In fact, on the following Monday's Windsor Star, this article was printed: 

The article claims people need to slow down.  Well, as I stated, I was literally crawling along, and I still lost control!  Oh, well!  I praise God for the hedge of protection He surrounded me with.  And, I prayed for all those who weren't quite so blessed.

Arriving at the Y, just before opening time, I saw the young man unlock the building.  I felt very comfortable making my way to the change room.

I must admit, it felt wonderful to be back in the pool!

Due to not being able to exercise for about seven (7) or so weeks, due to the pool pump/filter system breaking down and needing replacing, I decided I should not do quite as much of a work out as I had been doing, previously.  So, I only did half of what I had normally been doing.

This was smart thinking on my part, to be sure.  Later, my body began to seize up.  Pain was so severe I actually took something for pain, twice before finally climbing into bed, early.

Oh well, so be it.  No pain; no gain.

Until next time...

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