Thursday, March 8, 2012

Plight of Canadian Injured Workers, continued...

If you read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you are aware that I have been writing about the plight of the injured worker.  You'll also be aware that WCB/WSIB reduced costs to employers, a few years ago.

On the surface, this sounds good.  However, now WCB/WSIB is claiming that there are not enough funds to support the programme, for the length of time every injured worker requires benefits.  So, they spent a small (or maybe even a large, to some) fortune by hiring a company to research.

Instead of the research company making recommendations to reinstate the previously reduced costs to employers, the company made recommendations to cut back financial benefits, rehabilitation benefits, etc. to the injured worker.  Even though these recommendations have not been passed legally, they are being implemented.

Consequently, it has become harder to have a claim accepted.  Personally, I know a few people who have faced this.  It's not nice, especially since worthy claims are being held up, and appeals by the employers are forcing injured workers and their families, into financial dispair.

Are you sitting down?

Hopefully, you are one of a very few people who realize that injured workers are not supported by taxpayers.

That's right!  Most people don't realize this.  Most people seem to think that injured workers are just lazy people, milking the system.  Not so, my friend.

In fact, due to the current programme and due to the fact that not all injured workers' claims are not being accepted, circumstances will change drastically.  How?  Well, think about this for a moment.

If WCB/WSIB doesn't accept legitimate claims, pay for loss of wages, provide rehab benefits, medical benefits and in some cases retraining benefits, then who will?


That is right.  You, the Canadian taxpayer then funds all the medical care and supportive benefits that injured workers and their families require.  Why?

Well, when WCB/WSIB refuses a legitimate claim, how do people support themselves?  Most are forced to go on social services support of one sort or another.

All of which are supported by taxpayers.

Hmmm...  See the problem?  Please pray about this.  In my opinion, this is truly a tragedy that WCB/WSIB has already gotten away with not paying for medical care and/or other benefits that either OHIP or other sources have supplied, instead.  If they are allowed to make unnecessary cutbacks, the situation will only become worse.

Injured workers definitely need your prayer, for many reasons.  But, we taxpayers also need prayer, to support a system that will not burden us, due to our governments paying for costs that should be paid by the system(s) set up to do so.  WCB/WSIB.

Even though there are many injured workers suffering and living in poverty, there are those being supported by the system set up to provide for them.  People like Mr. I. David Marshall, President and CEO of WSIB Ontario.

Here is an article published online by WSIB/CSPAAT ONTARIO, confirming that Mr. Marshall is being paid $400,000 per year, plus taxable benefits, performance bonus (one reason I'm sure that contributes to his ensuring that benefits to injured workers are cut), as well as pension benefits:

Tell me, where is the justice in this?

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