Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lovingly Remembered...

My Tuesday, was once again filled with family needs. 

One thing I am grateful for, is that my job is flexible enough to allow me to support those in need.  Which is what I did, throughout most of the day.

Of course, we all need time for work!  Yes, I did what I could throughout the rest of the week.  Workwise, at least.

On Thursday evening, it was once again time for a writers' group meeting.  This time, it was not my Windsor group, but rather, my Leamington group.

After picking up a book at the Riverside branch of Windsor Public Library that I had requested and had been received for me, I drove home.  My fellow writer, who lives in my building and who is also a member of my Leamington writers' group, met me at our front door.

Off we went to just south of Essex, where we met another of our fellow authors.  Until we arrived at our meeting spot, I didn't know if J would be meeting us, or not.  Earlier in the day, he had e-mailed me, letting me know he may or may not be able to attend.

As I pulled into the parking area where we normally meet, I was surprised to see J!

He insisted on doing the driving into Leamington, so I parked my van.  We climbed into J's car and off we went.  When we arrived at our meeting location, we were a few minutes early.

We had guest speakers at our meeting, this month.

I said speakers, because there were two (2) of them.  Twins, to be exact.  Together, they had written a book and spoke about not just the writing aspect, but also of marketing and some other topics.  Here is a LINK to an article printed in the Leamington Post, regarding their book.

After the meeting ended, our group facilitator B, came over and spoke with me, just as I was introducing myself to a young woman I had not yet met.  It turned out this young woman was his daughter.  B explained to his daughter that I was sort of her cousin... by marriage, maybe removed somewhat, but still sort of a relative.

While she looked shocked, I laughed!

I explained to my newest cuz how we were sort of related.  My now deceased husband's grandma had been widowed at a young age, left to raise her family on her own.

A number of years later, Gordon's grandma remarried.  Several years later, she died, leaving behind her husband, who was the only grandpa Gordon recalled having in his life, since his biological grandfather had died before his birth.

Eventually, his grandpa remarried.  The woman he married was our writers' group facilitator's mom.  After I moved to Windsor, I recall visiting times with both Gordon's grandpa and his newest wife, who was in essence a new grandma. 

Grandma E was a lovely woman.  Loving, kind, and Christian.  Both my daughters remember her with love.  They especially recall how Grandma E pierced their ears for them!

Truly, I miss Grandma E and Grandpa H.  I miss Gordon's mom, too.  I miss my parents and brother.  And, of course, Gordon.  Unless God takes me home, it will be a while before I see any of them again, since they have all died.

I suppose feeling like this is normal and to be expected, since it is all part of grief.  One thing is for sure.  I thank God for His grace to me, daily.

Until next time...

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