Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exhaustion... & Rest!

Saturday morning, I was up earlier than normal. 

Why?  Well, since I had a rather boring Friday evening, alone at home, I had gone to bed earlier than normal.  Consequently, I was awake earlier than normal, as well.

For a while, I read and spent some time on Facebook (FB), chatting with a friend.  When I realized the time, I hightailed it offline and set off for the YMCA/YWCA (Y), where I go to exercise in the pool, as you would know if you were a regular reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL).

Well, I must say I paid the price for rushing out of my apartment. 

Arriving at the Y, I made my way to the change room.  Wanting to change into my bathing suit, I realized I had done something I had never done, before.

I had left my bathing suit, etc. at home.  :(  Groan!  Sigh... 

Oh, I had my bag with me; but, when I opened it up, there was only personal cleanliness items.  No bathing suit, no bathing cap, no towels.

I couldn't believe I had done that! 

Hopefully, my forgetfulness was due to rushing out the door, and not to some physiological condition.  Well, since I am in my 50's, I cannot say that it is due to being elderly and forgetful. lol

In any case, I left the Y as quickly as I arrived there, feeling rather embarassed and disappointed.

Knowing that I had driven across town to get there, I decided to not return again, later.  Besides, if I had done so, I would have been exercising in the midst of a group learning to swim, by the time I finished my exercise regimen.  Not something I like doing.

Looking at the clock, and realizing it was still rather early, I decided that since I was feeling exhausted after experiencing a rather stressful week, both physically and emotionally, that I would go back to bed and do something I hadn't done in a very long time.  Sleep in.

I thought about setting my alarm clock, but quickly decided to just sleep and let my body decide when I would awaken.  Hmmm... well, let's just say that I slept the morning away!  :(  or :)  depending upon how one looks at this!

In the afternoon, I did some chores around my home and settled down to relax, read and watch travel shows.  Once again, I found my eyes drooping while I sat reclined in my chair. 

One thing I realized through all of Saturday, was that I was truly exhausted.  God must have known I needed rest, for it seemed that it was practically all I did!

With Saturday evening being another rather lonely and boring time, I decided to once again hit the hay, early.  No trouble sleeping that night, for this gal! 

I felt much better, after all this rest.  Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!

Until next time...

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