Saturday, March 24, 2012

Double Take...

Hopefully, you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry.  If so, you'll know that when I left off writing, I was at my Write On Windsor (WOW) writers' group, at the downtown branch of the Windsor Public Library.

Critiquing each other's writing is mainly what this group is about.  As you know, it was my turn to have some of my writing reviewed.

After singing (acapella) my rewritten version of Sarah McLachlin's song Angel, it was time for my writing to be critiqued.  Once all discussion came to an end regarding my writing skills and where they can be improved, something happened that I hadn't expected.

One person in our writers' group asked me why I decided to rewrite Angel, to honour God.  This fellow writer commented that they thought the song was already honouring to God.

Then the question arose, enquiring as to why I didn't already think that angels were honouring to God.

I was thrilled to hear another fellow writer respond about the same time I did, with a similar answer. In fact, it surprised me that the person and I seemed to echo each other, almost word for word.

Angels certainly can be of God.  Certainly, God has His angels, but not all angels are of God.  Angels can also be of Satan.

The person who asked the question did a double take; at least that's how it looked to me.  They glanced from me, to the other speaker and back to me, again. 

Shock, was the only way I can describe the visual response. 

Before I could continue with my comments, the other speaker announced to all that Satan was indeed a fallen angel.  One, who also had followers of fellow fallen angels.

This shocked me!  I hadn't realized this person who spoke up, was Christian.

I went on to say that we live in Satan's domain.  We live in his fallen world.

It did my heart good to see the enquirer speak up once again, claiming they would go home and rethink their home's decor, filled with angels.

I could only praise God and thank Jesus! 

Hopefully, this person will also elect to research, by reading their Bible.  Or, if they aren't a regular worshipper at church, maybe God will lead them to do so. 

For sure, it's my prayer these things will happen.

Until next time...

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