Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wine and Cheese... Happy Ending!

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about how a mortgage agent friend of mine Mary Ann Lehmann of Invis, her husband Richard, picked me up and took me with them as their guest, to a celebration of sorts.  A wine and cheese party.

We arrived downtown at the Hilton Hotel, on Riverside Drive and made our way to the Ontario room.  This meeting room is a comfy place, with a view to die for, overlooking the river and looking onto a wonderful night view of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Mary Ann introduced her husband and I to several people.

Since neither Mary Ann, nor I, were driving, and because her husband Richard was our designated driver, we each enjoyed a glass of wine.  Okay, we really had two (2) glasses, over the course of the evening!  She white; me, red.  :)  After selecting some cheese and crackers, we joined Richard already seated at a table.

Having relaxed for a few minutes, I decided to go speak once again with Mary Ann's three (3) superiors, who were in attendance, Jim, Angela and Stan.  As I spoke with each person, I gave them my real estate card and a book mark, advertising my book:  Love Never Fails You... (link) as well as some websites that I have, including LwL's web-address. 

I did this, because I wanted them to know that I would be writing about my experience at the wine and cheese party.  This gave them the option to let me know if they preferred I didn't write about the event.  But, they all seemed okay with the idea.

The reality was that Jim, Angela and Stan, all seemed to be happy to hear I would write about the event.  During announcements, Stan even mentioned the fact that I write a blog and would be writing about the party.  Thank you, Stan! 

Later, Stan spoke with me, again.  During our conversation, we realized that we lived for many years in the same subdivision in Clarkson, now part of Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario.  What a coincidence!  What a surprise!

Then, came the time when the prize was given to the winner of the contest.  Vanessa Wright and her husband were called forward. 

An enormous oversized cheque, in the amount of $25,000 was held by Vanessa, her husband, and all three (3) company supervisors, while pics were taken (sorry, I forgot my camera!).  Then, the real paperwork and cheque were handed to Vanesssa.  Congratulations were given.

Congratulations were also given to Vanessa's mortgage agent friend, who had encouraged her to enter the contest.  She received a free trip to Mexico, that she will take, later this month!

Mary Ann, may God bless you, and the company you work for.  Not just because I enjoyed myself relaxing with you and others, but for allowing me to be there to see a family receive a prize that will make a difference in their lives. 

What a lovely, happy ending!  Thank you, Mary Ann, for including me in such a wonderful, relaxing celebration, friend. 

Until next time...

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