Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sad/Happy Times & Happy Birthday, J!

Thursday was a busy day, but the evening was really busy for me. 

Knowing that my daughter P's boyfriend had been reaquainted with his son within this past year, I had felt compelled to accept this young man as one of my family.  J is a nice young man.  Pleasant.  Quiet.  Generally, a good young man.

Friday, was to be the time for a birthday celebration for J, even though his birthday had been Feb. 1st.  Happy Birthday, J!

So, on Thursday evening, I baked a birthday cake, iced it and lightly decorated it with a birthday wish.  This way it would be ready for Friday at suppertime, when we were to get together.

Friday, during the day was busy for me.

As I've mentioned before, my real estate partner/friend C's daughter had died.  Friday was when viewing was to take place at the funeral home.

Writing cards for family members, shopping for a floral arrangement and preparing other things I had to do, filled my time, during the day.  Including attending visitation to give my condolences.

It's such a gut-wrenching thing, to see a parent suffer, while in the process of burying their child.  After all, this is not what one normally expects in life.  Grief isn't easy, at any time, but I truly felt bad for my friend, C.

In any case, I spent quite a bit of the afternoon at the funeral home.  I was glad to see that other realtors came to support C and his family.

When I left there, I made a stop at my daughter B's home, before making my way to my daughter P's home.

We had a nice visit, together.  It seemed like J liked his gift and of course, the cake!  Here's a pic of J, blowing out his candles:

Happy Birthday, J!

When I left P's, I took my grandson D, with me.  Within a few minutes, I dropped him off downtown at the bus station, where he was going to wait for the next bus, to take him to meet up with some friends.

Then, being the first Friday of the month, I made my way to Tim Horton's coffee shop, to meet with Christian friends.  For the first time in a long time, we were back to meeting at Crawford and Wyandotte St. W., here in Windsor.

There is more to be said, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  See you, then!

Until next time...

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