Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Proposal? & B. Celebration!

Today, is a special day.  For several reasons, which I will write about, on Life with Lynnie (LwL), today.

This year, 2012, is a leap year.  Meaning that our month of February has an extra day, tacked onto it.  Normally, February has 28 days, but not this year.  Once every four (4) years is considered a special year.  A day when time actually catches up with itself.  So, an extra day is added to our calendar year.  And, today is the day!  Leap Day!

If you'd like to read more about leap year, here is a link to Wikipedia, where you can read more about it.

On this day, it is acceptable for women to propose marriage to a man.

Well, for some women, but not for me.  There's no man in my life, so there's no man to propose marriage to.

At the YMCA/YWCA (Y) this morning, when I was there doing my pool work out, a fellow pool person who exercises around the same time as I usually do, told me of a circumstance in her life that has made her very happy.  It doesn't totally apply to Leap Day, but even so, I thought it was a very romantic story.  One suitable for writing about on this special day.

A while back, my pool friend was convinced by family members to join Facebook (F).  Her daughters helped her set up her account.  Within four (4) days, she told me she was contacted by a man.  This wasn't just any man.  He was special.  They had been in love, when they were younger.  For some reason they split up and their lives went in different directions.

In any case, their friendship was rekindled.  Then, one day, she arrived home, where her daughters who were visiting and waiting for her to arrive home, suggested she close her eyes, while they led her into her home.  She did.  When she was told to open her eyes, there before her, was a huge floral arrangement.  Yes, from this long lost, but newly reaquainted love.

Their relationship grew.  He moved from Victoria, BC, Canada and now lives here in Windsor, so they can be together. 

It's amazing to me that even though they hadn't seen each other since 1959, they still had deep, heartfelt feelings for each other.  But then, true love never dies.

Of course, to those who were born on February 29th, it's a different story.  They may celebrate their birthdays on another day of the month, but in reality, they only have one (1) anniversary of the day they were born (their birthday), every four (4) years.

Even though my grandson N wasn't born on the 29th, my family and I are celebrating N's birthday, today.  We weren't able to all be together a few days ago, so he celebrated with friends.  Today, was our family celebration. 

Here's a pic of N blowing out his birthday candles.  You may have noticed that I changed things this year.  One (1) candle for Happy Birthday and another for good luck!  No more setting off smoke detectors!  lol :-))

Happy Birthday, N!

Until next time...

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