Monday, February 6, 2012

H B, H! Funeral & Sick, Really...Sick...

Before I forget to mention this, I want to wish my friend H, who lives (with her husband, N) in Milton, Ontario, a very Happy Birthday!  I pray God will bless you and N throughout your time away on holiday and provide you with travelling mercies.

As I mentioned in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, by the time I left Tim Horton's on Friday night, I was feeling rather sickly.  However, when I awoke Saturday morning, I seemed to feel okay.

As I mentioned previously in another entry, my real estate partner/friend C's daughter J died; her funeral was Saturday. 

My heart goes out to him and his family.  Not just because they lost a family member, but mainly because it is unnatural for a parent to bury a child.

C's heart is broken, as I am sure you can imagine.  Much like anyone would feel, who walked a mile in his shoes, he felt helpless. 

Please pray for C.  Between his own health concerns, and now grieving the loss of his daughter, along with grieving the loss of his wife, he needs all the prayer he can receive.  Thank you.  May God bless you...

The funeral service was typical of today's lifestyle most people live.  It was held at the funeral home, rather than at a church.  A pastor from a local church officiated.

The service itself was lovely.  One of J's friends gave a eulogy.  A cousin of J's played violin at various times throughout the service, including a time when her mom, J's aunt, gave a eulogy, as well.

In my opinion, what J's aunt said was the lovliest part of the service.  It was also the closest thing to a gospel message that was said, throughout the whole service.

This is one reason that if I have an opportunity to speak or sing at any funeral service, I make sure I give a gospel message, including the need for salvation.

It saddens me to think that people don't hear a gospel message at every funeral.  Even some pastors/ministers don't do this.  Like the one on Saturday.

It saddens me to think that people hear about Jesus, but not their need to trust in Him for their salvation.  Why?

In my opinion, many people who may not yet be saved, attend a service where Jesus is spoken of, may leave thinking they, along with everyone else, will automatically be going to heaven, when their lives end.  Which, is not the truth.

The Bible is clear on this issue.  God will save whom He will save.  Not everyone will go to heaven at the end of their lives.  Only those trusting in Jesus for their salvation, will be with Him in heaven.

Speaking of living, throughout the morning, I seemed to feel okay.  However, in the afternoon, and once I was at the funeral home, where the service was being held, I once again began to not feel well.

I sat alone, isolated from the majority of people, because although some may have thought I was crying, the truth was that my nose was running and I had to frequently blow my nose.  Oh, dear!  Well, I suppose if there was an appropriate place to have this happen, I suppose this was the place!

Forgive me, for my hopeless sense of humour!

As the evening progressed, my health worsened to the point where I was really ill.  Fever, sinus, ears, nose, throat, lungs.

All through the night, all I could think of was Lord, please don't leave me like this.  Please Lord, either heal me or take me home! 

The truth is, I realize He won't take me home.  That would be too easy!

Seriously, I don't mean to sound low in spirit, for truly, I am not.  I realize that God's will is always done.  Whether one's health is good or not.  After all, He does have a plan for the lives of each of His children.

Thank You Lord, for always being there, for me.  I'm so grateful You love me.

Until next time...

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